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Mesh Deck Bag

(100 customer reviews)


Free Waterproof Phone Case – keep your essentials like your keys and phone safe.
Suction Cups Don’t Work on Inflatable Boards – Four suction cups are included. These will only work on smooth hard boards.
Clip and Bungee System – includes 4 clips and a bungee for attaching do your board’s D Rings.
Larger Than Other Pouches – 12”x14” inches is large enough to fit sandals, water bottles, sunscreen and even your SUP-Now Paddleboard Carry Strap, but it is not too large to be inconvenient.

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With the SUP-Now Paddleboard Mesh Deck Bag, you can easily take necessities such as your phone (waterproof phone case included), keys, water bottles, sunscreen, snacks, sandals and even your SUP-Now Paddleboard Carrying Strap with you on your paddleboard.

Using commercial grade suction cups, with easy release hooks built in, there is no need to use any messy glue or make any changes to your board. This is a great option for smooth fiberglass boards without D Rings and will not work with inflatable boards. 

The Deck Bag also comes with 4 clips to easily attach to the D Rings on any board, inflatable or hard. 

We designed this Deck Bag to be as light and aerodynamic as possible. The Pouch weighs only 8.5 ounces and the best part is its low-profile design. The SUP-Now Deck Bag only sits less than one inch above your board. The Pouch will increase in height to as tall as you fill it.

Our waterproof phone insert is QCA Certified. QCA’s sole purpose is to certify the supplier processes involved in product quality, product safety, supply chain security, social accountability, and environmental stewardship.

Like everything we make, this Deck Bag is built to last, and we back that up with a lifetime warranty.

Additional information


15” x 12” x 4”




Up to 10 cans

What is Included?

1 Cooler
1 Waterproof Cell Phone Case
1 Rope with custom tension system
4 clips (for attaching to your board's D Rings)
4 suction cups (only for smooth fiberglass boards


Black, Green, Pink

100 reviews for Mesh Deck Bag

  1. H. Z

    I really like the pouch

    I really like the pouch. It does hold all of my essentials. However, the suction cups do not work on my board. I thought my board was pretty smooth, but apparently not smooth enough. The texture of my board is more orange peel ish. So, I bought some carabiners, and clipped them to my bungee cords that are already on my board. Works perfectly. I am giving this five stars because I should have known that my board wasn’t going to be moth enough. One suggestion would be to include the carabiner or something similar just incase this happens to be the case with other customers.

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  2. Mark A R

    Works Great

    The suction cups don’t work that well on anything but a perfectly smooth surface. Used zip ties to attach it to existing eyes on the paddle board. The waterproof case works perfectly and holds a phone and some ID/cash fine. Anything more than that and it is a bit small. Was even able to operate the phone through the case. The mesh bag is big enough that it easily holds the waterproof case, a liter bottle of water and a bottle of sunscreen.

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  3. momof2boys

    I am very happy with my purchase of the SUP-Now Paddleboard Deck Bag

    Update 7/18/17: missing from my original review…I was able to fit flip-flops, sunscreen, a bottle of water and the waterproof phone case that came with the bag. The only suggestion that I have would be to add a small section of buoyant material so that it will float in the unlikely event that the bag detaches.

    I am very happy with my purchase of the SUP-Now Paddleboard Deck Bag. I used it during a paddleboard yoga class and it stayed attached with no problem. The suction cups work great and stay adhered until you take them off. My instructor and classmates were all asking about it as the have lost numerous items when they slipped out of the typical deck rigging that is on their boards.

    I highly recommend this deck bag!

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  4. Samantha

    Just what I needed

    This product was just what I was looking for! Made out of great material so I can tell this is going last! I am able to fit my water bottle, sun screen, speaker and still have room for more. Really easy to attach to my board. I just wet the board down really quick then attach the suction cups and boom, done and off! I have used a few times now and have had no issues with the suction. In fact when I’m done paddling I can slide my paddle behind the bag and it actually makes it easier for me to carry everything back. It would be great if I could use the clips but they are too thick to use for my board but the suction cups work just fine and I can move where I want my things placed. I paddle in ocean water and once those suction cups are on they didn’t move at all. Love this product so far!

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  5. Lisa C

    How to use the section cups and where’s my waterproof insert?

    I definitely like the size, however it didn’t come with the waterproof insert! What I’m not liking is, the suctioning cups don’t seem to stick to mine nor my son’s paddle boards! Read some reviews for suggestions on how to solve that issue!

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  6. J. C B

    Good strong bag. It keeps your stuff in place!

    Good strong bag. It keeps your stuff in place. Not waterproof! The waterproof insert is awesome though!
    The suction cups are very strong but need to be placed on a flat surface to best adhesion.
    The zipper is big and robust and easy on the hands for opening and closing the bag. I like the mesh, it’s not flimsy or delicate, it’s pretty sturdy. Fit’s all my gear and a bottle of water for my long paddles. The waterproof insert is great for wallet and keys or for a cell phone. Overall a great purchase. I’m very happy with it!

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  7. Kindle C

    Nice size, waterproof bag and suction cups are worthless

    Nice sized bag and was able to fit a water bottle, flip flops, shorts, and shirt. The waterproof phone case fell apart within 10 minutes and the suction cups are a joke. As long as your board has straps to hold the bag it works or it could slide off.

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  8. Tristan S

    Great product

    I had one from a different brand, trash, before even use it couple ends were already broken, no big deal because I shoveled under the bungee cords, then I saw this one….great quality, bigger, very good details and you can tell the owners paddle because it’s well designed , I use it on my racing board attached to the d-rings

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  9. TK

    Held items

    Phone case too got.stuck inside.

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  10. Kindle C

    Super handy!

    Unfortunately the suction cups don’t stick to my board but other than that, I love it!

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  11. Dee


     Does exactly what it says. I’m able to throw my flip flops, shirt, couple phones, and keys in it with room to spare. Since it is black and mesh it does get hot in the sun so I will wrap my phone in a shirt before putting it in the bag. Clips seem to be holding nicely. All is good.

    Mesh Deck Bag
    Mesh Deck Bag
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  12. April

    Good quality!!

    I love it!! Really good quality

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  13. Audra M L

    good quality

    good quality, cant use suction cups need D rings

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  14. Sarah

    Great deck bag

    I have a Nautical SUP and this deck bag fits well under the bungees. It holds my phone, water shoes, JBL Bluetooth speaker, water bottle, and a swimsuits coverup. I don’t use the suction cups so I can’t speak to them but the clips are perfect for the d-rings on my board. Perfect for the essentials.

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  15. Edward.j

    Top quality, glad I purchased

    Very well-made, durable, arrived super fast. A+

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  16. ruthie

    Love this

    I love this product. I have used it all summer and it held all my stuff with no problems. Nice quality. Highly recommend.

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  17. Eino Y

    Purchased as a gift

    Item was purchased as a gift; therefore, I am not able to provide additional information regarding this product.

    Helpful? 0 0
  18. D

    Did not receive all items

    I only received the bag. No clips, bungee or phone case. This is very disappointing, and the bag is not waterproof, you need to purchase your own insert

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  19. Kristyne

    Love this spacious bag!

    This bag is the perfect place for my flip flops, water bottle, phone and even had room for a few snacks. It was very easy to attach to my hard board with some straps and kept everything in one place. I am definitely glad I found it, as now I don’t have to worry about losing my water bottle in the lake.

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  20. Jackie2Knives

    Good price point for non-waterproof kayak/paddle boarding bag

    This is a nice little mesh bag that is good for anything that can get wet. I toss my anchor, flip flops, and any rigging in it. The suction cups do not stay at all ( smooth surface hard side paddle board) but the 4 point clips are hand if your have D rings you can clip it to. Phone case didn’t have a trustworthy seal so I didn’t bother, something else to add to a landfill unfortunately.

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  21. Carlos

    Get it!

    Used it to hold my camera and other random accessories. Didn’t use the suction cups as my board had more than enough places to clip it on.

    Mesh Deck Bag
    Mesh Deck Bag
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  22. ladybug

    A Must Have

    Love this bag, keeps everything within arms reach. Zippered keeps everything safe. A must have.

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  23. Cyndy

    Perfect must have bag for paddleboarding

    Perfect size bag, fits phone, water bottle, several containers of sunscreen. Also come with a waterproof container that floats and the phone insert is waterproof. Love the clips and suction cups work great too!

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  24. Beth N

    Great bag for any SUP board

    This is a great addition to any SUP board! I can fit my phone in water proof bag (included) water proof speaker and water bottle inside. I use the clips to attach the bag to the front D rings on my inflatable SUP board. I’m sure the suction cups would work better on hard non inflatable boards. Over all great product that is well made!

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  25. Helena

    Phone case

    I have only use the phone case so far and that worked good.

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  26. Melanie

    Big bang for your buck!

    This deck bag is perfect for the essentials I like to get at often & hate getting in & out of the dry bag for. I use it for sunblock, my spf shirt, snacks that don’t need cooled. The clips make it easy to attach to the D rings on my paddle board. I’ve not tried the suction cups.

    When I’m done paddling, I throw my paddle strap & clamps in it as well as other random little things, then put it on the front of my paddle board storage bag under the bag straps.

    It’s amazing how useful this lil bugger is!

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  27. David

    great product, amazing company

    This was the perfect addition to my SUP. It’s exactly what i wanted. The customer service is exceptional during and after the transaction as well. They truly care for their customers.

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  28. Auto M O M F

    New paddle board gear

    Nice gear holder and live the versatility

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  29. okkyfhdsgy

    Is an o.k product.

    Everything gets wet.

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  30. Lyndsey

    Poor suction cups and clips

    The suction cups do not work unless you have a very slick board. Also the clips are very hard to use.

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  31. Amy H

    Good purchase

    I haven’t been on the water with this yet, but it’s exactly what I was looking for. This pouch is perfect for our flip flops. I hook mine on to my board VS use the suction cups. I’m ready for Spring!

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  32. L. K

    Great product!

    Love this!!! I don’t use the suction cups because I have an ISUP but the clips fit perfectly on my board and it holds a lot.

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  33. OKURT.


    Clips onto your board perfect.

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  34. Liz T G

    This is a replacement

    My first died in hurricane Irma. This is a replacement. This holds lunch a couple of waters and we are off

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  35. Cyndi

    Great SUP bag

    Love this deck bag!! It’s thicker material and made really well and totally worth buying. I bought it for my iSUP for extra storage. Fits everything I need and the mesh expands if needed. Really an awesome bag!

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  36. fcacg

    works good

    ive used the bag 6 times so far and it works. The suction cups could stick better, wouldn’t use it for surfing i se it for touring. It’s mesh so what’s inside does get wet. phone and car key stay dry with waterproof pouch that comes with it

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  37. B L


    Phone bags came apart immediately, cheap. Bag ok though.

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  38. cristine

    Love this bag!

    Quick delivery. I haven’t had a full day on the water…..but I put it on my board and I love it so far!

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  39. Candice S

    lake review

    love the size of the bag… my board is textured on top so I used some outdoor double stick tape to keep it in place.

    Mesh Deck Bag
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  40. MDT

    Great size and fit.

    Nice bag, does it’s job. Sticks to the board so I don’t have to keep bulk in my pfd waistpack. Get one!!

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  41. Kathy

    Cheaply Made

    Cheaply made. Does not stick to my board for any length of time. You have to pay for return shipping, which I was unaware of. I would not have purchased this bag to try it had I known the return shipping was on me.

    Helpful? 0 0
  42. Likes T S O

    Works great on my wood finish board.

    This bag works great on my wood finish board. The bag itself is not waterproof but they send a smaller waterproof bag. This day was windy and choppy at the lake but the bag stayed in place even as waves were coming over the board every couple of seconds. I am able to carry a water bottle, sunscreen plus my board strap with room to spare. I have also been able to tie my life jacket to my board with this bag and my shoes.

    Mesh Deck Bag
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  43. Carla W

    great quality, great size

    the deck bag is sturdy and is just the right size for a few things.

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  44. Marianne G

    Perfect SUP bag

    Been looking for a SUP deck bag for awhile. Super happy I went with this purchase. I have a smooth surface SUP which makes the suction cups easy to use and they stay in place for my whole ride. Enough room to put all my essentials in. Would definitely buy again or recommend. Mahalo from California.

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  45. Angela H

    Great bag

    I love it for my kayaking.

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  46. Ryan K

    Great SUP tool at a great price

    This is a great deck bag and good sized dry bag for paddleboarding, kayaking, or anything else on the water. My SUP is inflatable so I didn’t use the suction cups, but it connects nicely to d-rings or under the bungee straps. Very durable and holds a good amount. SUP NOW was great to work with and everything came in very timely manner. Can’t wait to get some heavy use out of this bag once the weather gets nicer.

    Helpful? 0 0
  47. Ryan H

    Best Valentines Day Gift

    Got this for my wife and she absoutely loves it! The suction is great and very water resistance is amazing. Truly a great product. Thank you so much SUP for all the love!

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  48. Roger G

    Thankful for this deck bag

    Wow this bag has been a real nice addition to my paddle boarding experience. Has plenty of room to pack some items and the waterproof insert is awesome! The quality of the bag feels great and the suction cups worked just fine. Definitely beats worrying about your stuff back on the beach.

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  49. William W

    Good value to keep your stuff organized

    Works well to keep your stuff put while paddling. Suction cups hold up well.

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  50. Dziem V



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  51. cheapthrill

    A must for your SUP adventures

    Very convenient with plenty of room for my valuables. I’m a happy customer!

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  52. swick

    Poor suction

    I love this bag since my paddle board doesnt have any ties or anything to put stuff. The suction cups do not really stay on when you get a wave over the front of the board. I put my phone, sandles, sun screen and water in it. I hope if it ever does come completely off that it doesnt sink.
    This bag is not water proof, it is netted on the top. I use water proof bags inside it.

    Helpful? 0 0
  53. mammacella

    Not sticking to my board!

    I am not sure why but it comes unstuck from the board. Will probably return it.

    ****Updated Review***. The company contacted me and sent me a new redesigned pouch and it works great! Wonderful that the company stands behind their product! I would buy from them again and recommend to a friend.

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  54. Meesh

    Great bag for accessories.

    Great for keeping accessories safe and secure.

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  55. Daisy14

    Stays on and provides enough storage for a few belongings.

    Works well for an older Sup that didn’t have bungees.

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  56. Yecats

    Works for me

    Exactly what I ordered. Good product.

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  57. JG S

    Will be so useful!

    I gave it as a gift and they were quite excited to have it in addition to their new paddle boards. It will be a great addition to their new adventures!

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  58. Raquel F

    Holds quite a bit of stuff! Recommend!

    Very simple. Attaches to my bote board easily. Make sure the suction is checked periodically, has a tendency to have one come off.

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  59. jfelder

    Suction cups

    The bag and phone bag were nice but the suction cups did not work. Now I have to buy something with the adhesive

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  60. Amazon C

    Puerto Rico Islote Ratones


    Mesh Deck Bag
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  61. Lisa

    Very functional

    I’ve used this bag on several paddle boarding trips in the harbor and ocean and it stayed in place.

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  62. Dr. J

    Stout and spacious, excellent suction attachment

    This bag worked perfectly during a recent paddle in support of a swimmer in very rough chop and surf. Suction cups didn’t move. I did have the bag under my already existing bungee’s on the deck. For a 12×14 bag, it holds quite a bit more than I was expecting. The mesh is pretty stout so it’s not go8ng to rip easily. I’m really happy with this purchase and will be buying another one for my wife’s board.

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  63. A. W

    Good fit and zipper

    Good size

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  64. Homer S P

    Sturdy construction

    I like the heavy-duty zipper and the other quality materials that the deck bag is made of. I have used it to carry a speaker, a small anchor and a good bit of rope. I’m very pleased with the purchase.

    Helpful? 0 0
  65. Amazon C

    Nice Product

    Product arrived promptly as described, will work on both an inflatable and solid boards. I used black anodized key rings to attach the string portions to the inflatable’s rings. Bag is well constructed

    Helpful? 0 0
  66. Amazon C

    Dry bag size

    Aloha Brian

    We really like our bags awesome to carry extra water and Keens as we SUP to different locations on Kauai and hike. We we’re a little disappointed with the dry bags size as our iPhones will not fit in it maybe in the future make the dry bag a little bigger. Thank you

    Mike Jarvis

    Helpful? 0 0
  67. Carol M

    handy carrier for paddle board

    I like the size of this carrier. It allows you to bring water bottle plus some other items. The suction cups seem to hold fairly well for this carrier and it has a nice water proof container inside.

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  68. Dayann C M

    Good suction

    Pretty good … still wish there were long bungee cords—— but the suction cups are good

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  69. TriGirl

    Great storage for small items on SUP

    Great for storing kit on hard SUP. Just need to locate perfect smooth surface for sucker pads to stick to. On my board needed to adapt the fixings to be long enough to reach pads stuck on side of board, smoothest surface and worked well.

    Mesh Deck Bag
    Helpful? 0 0
  70. jeanelle

    Deck bag

    Easy to put on my paddleboard

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  71. Jessica L

    Five Stars

    Product is as described. Arrived quickly

    Helpful? 0 0
  72. Bob K

    Five Stars

    Works fine

    Helpful? 0 0
  73. Pascal F

    Two Stars

    Suction cups will not stay in place on Carbon Fiber.

    Helpful? 0 0
  74. Cindi N

    ... given yet From looking at it it should be awesome

    It was purchased as a gift and has not been given yet
    From looking at it it should be awesome

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  75. c10

    Used it today in windy weather. Bag stayed on ...

    Used it today in windy weather. Bag stayed on board with no problems. Holds quite a bit of things.

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  76. Amazon C

    Five Stars

    Useful when paddling boarding.

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  77. Km

    works great

    Great option if you font have bungee straps.

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  78. Maureen D

    Works great! You can even use your phone while it's ...

    Works great! You can even use your phone while it’s inside the bag. Suction cups work great on my paddle board.

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  79. Concerned C

    Great bag to carry e erything you need!

    Bought this dor my wife and she loves it. Works well on her paddle board. She carries snacks and personal stuff in it. She has to plastic bag all items as if the water gets rough things get wet. Great Bag. I would recommend.

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  80. Judith M D

    Love this bag

    Is large enough to carry my water as long as my shoes and other items , suction cups stay on my board no problem . Love this bag

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  81. MDay

    She seemed very happy with the product

    This was a gift for someone. She seemed very happy with the product; however, she hasn’t used it yet to really warrant the 5 stars. I am giving it 5 stars based on the item itself not the functionality.

    Helpful? 0 0
  82. HutCHU

    Suction cups are complete garbage

    The bag itself is solid, but those suction cups are complete garbage.

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  83. Cindi T

    Great paddle board accessory!

    This is a great accessory for a paddle board, especially if it didn’t come with any type of bungee to hold things down. The size is perfect and it is just as described. Add to that the phone case and this is a great value. Highly recommend.

    Helpful? 0 0
  84. Amelia R C

    Five Stars

    Fantastic purchase!! We put our phone and keys in the waterproof insert, and we’re ready to go!!!

    Mesh Deck Bag
    Helpful? 0 0
  85. Kindle C

    Five Stars

    Great piece of gear!

    Helpful? 0 0
  86. M. M

    Awesome pouch

    Pouch stayed secure on our paddle board. Love the water resistant clear pouch included with it.

    Helpful? 0 0
  87. Tracy J M

    Perfect Size

    It is the perfect size for what I want to bring with me on my paddle board. I love the water proof pouch so I don’t have to worry about bringing my phone and keys with me.

    Helpful? 0 0
  88. Gwen C

    Five Stars

    Love the Sup-Now. Easy to use and a perfect size for my kayak.

    Helpful? 0 0
  89. Shaw918

    Three Stars

    It is ok.

    Helpful? 0 0
  90. Carlos F A E

    Very helpfull.

    It’s very helpfull and sticks perfectly for long periods of time. Easy to detach.

    Mesh Deck Bag
    Helpful? 0 0
  91. Paige L

    Best customer service! Great product!

    I purchased this as a gift for my mother in law since she is obsessed with paddle boarding and she loves this, like loooooooovvveeesss this. The seller is also fantastic to work with, they personally messaged me after I ordered and wanted to make sure that we were happy with their product. I highly recommend this to everyone!! Huge thank you to the seller for their A+ customer service!

    Helpful? 0 0
  92. Brent S

    Five Stars

    Works great on my paddle board.

    Helpful? 0 0
  93. Steve W

    Great product for the price!

    It is perfect for my board, I was looking for the suction cup type and it is exactly what I wanted. Constructed well

    Helpful? 0 0
  94. Amazon C

    The Perfect Pouch!

    I just recently purchased this pouch and I use it every time I head out! I don’t like to leave my belongings on the beach so I have always been looking for something to keep them safe. I have tried many pouches before but this is the one I am going to stick with. It sticks to the board and holds on tight. All my buds are now rocking this pouch on their board. Two thumbs up. 🙂

    Mesh Deck Bag
    Helpful? 0 0
  95. S. K

    Very Satisfied

    I have taken my SUP-Now pouch out on the lake the past couple of days and am very satisfied. I don’t use the suction cups due to not having a smooth board, but my board has bungee straps up front that hold the pouch perfectly. The pouch is plenty roomy and is very well constructed.

    Helpful? 0 0
  96. Kristi B

    Easy access and all of my important supplies stay right ...

    I am using this in my Wilderness Ride 115. Placed it in the small trunk near my seat. Easy access and all of my important supplies stay right where I put them instead of rolling around in my boat. This saved me so much frustration during a 4-day kayaking adventure on the Delaware! I’d give it 5 stars but I couldn’t get a good grip with the suction cups. I’m sure it was my lack of patience being that the space I placed it in is hard to maneuver around in. Great product!

    Helpful? 0 0
  97. Kenneth P S

    Just right!

    Very handy so far. I have used it twice. It is a good size to see and grab basics while on the SUP. I knot my keys, flashlight, and whistle together so they all will float and it is very easy to get to them. Had enough room for the pdf, a water bottle and extra shirt in there today. Only have one suggestion to make it an even better item. I have an inflatable SUP and obviously the suction cups don’t work. I just tuck it under the bungee cords on the front. It would be great if 4 plastic dog clips came with it. I could replace the suction cups with clips and secure it to the bungee even better. So far, exactly what I hoped it would be.

    Helpful? 0 0
  98. Lane

    Five Stars

    Works great!

    Helpful? 0 0
  99. Theresa S

    Love, Love, Love it!

    Absolutely love my new pouch! And the waterproof case that came with it!

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  100. Jesus C

    So far this SUP-Now Pouch is awesome! I bought it mostly to be able to ...

    So far this SUP-Now Pouch is awesome! I bought it mostly to be able to keep my keys in the waterproof pouch that it comes with when I paddleboard. However I can see myself using it for my sandals and life jacket as well.

    I wet the suction cups and they attach even better than expected to my board. When my board is on the ground I can literally lift the pouch and my whole board will lift with it. That is how strong they are. However if you use the little flaps, it removes from the board nice and easy.

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