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Carry Strap

(210 customer reviews)


V2 Updates – We recently updated our instructions and our paddle board strap. Our instructions are much more clear and the strap is now made of all metal hardware

100% Metal Hardware – When you buy an authentic SUP-Now Strap, you are buying the only paddleboard strap accessory on the market that doesn’t use any plastic pieces.

Triple Padded Shoulder Pad – Our shoulder pad is made from soft and durable NEOPRENE for maximum comfort. The idea of these straps is to carry the weight of your board on your shoulder. We put a lot of time and effort making our shoulder pad FAR SUPERIOR to others on the market.

Two Industrial Strength Velcro Straps – Not only does our strap have Velcro to hold your paddle, but the Velcro is so strong that you can now use your paddle as a handle.

Lifetime Warranty – If you make a good quality product, you should back it up. This is why SUP-Now offers a lifetime guarantee on everything we make. We support you for the life of your product from our headquarters in Granbury, Texas.

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Getting your paddleboard, paddle, water bottle, phone, and other gear to and from the water isn’t always easy. That all changes with the SUP-Now Paddleboard Carry Strap. You can easily carry your paddleboard, paddle and accessories and still have a free hand.

The SUP-Now Paddleboard Carrier Strap shoulder pad is triple padded and made from soft and durable neoprene. The clips are made from weather resistant lightweight metal and just like the rest of the strap, they are guaranteed to last a lifetime. 

What makes this paddleboard strap different from others? Well, lots of things. But to point out a few, this strap is more adjustable than other straps which makes it better to use for people of all heights; the high-quality Velcro makes carrying your paddle easy, and even acts as a handle; and our removable bag attachment makes it easy to carry your water bottle, sunscreen, or other items. 

Like everything we make, this Carry Strap is built to last, and we back that up with a lifetime warranty.

Additional information


15” x 12” x 4”




Up to 10 cans

What is Included?

1 Cooler
1 Waterproof Cell Phone Case
1 Rope with custom tension system
4 clips (for attaching to your board's D Rings)
4 suction cups (only for smooth fiberglass boards

210 reviews for Carry Strap

  1. SBSM

    Completely anticlimactic—I got a few clumps of nylon weave straps and a small pamphlet of almost illegible instructions. Who is their graphic designer that decided to use white type on a light blue background? The highest contrast is a drawing of a SUP board, and I didn’t order one of those from them. Seriously? Everything came unassembled with no markings. The instructions (had to read them outside under bright daylight) indicate there is a STRAP A, a STRAP B, and a STRAP C to do this, that, or the other to, yet they don’t bother marking the straps, so it’s pure guesswork. SUPnow could have at least partially assembled the carrier instead of just sending a pile of straps and telling the user to figure it out. The extra padded shoulder pad? It’s just a piece of neoprene and nothing extra padded about it. Total rip off for the price. I will most likely be sending it back. Underwhelming and not as expected.

  2. Jfid

    These straps are so easy to use! After a paddle, the straps go on for carrying back to the garage. Then we keep the strap on and just hang them on a hook with the strap. Easy start and ready to go for the next paddle!

  3. Andreea

    Update: I received a new strap in the mail (total surprise!) and a note from Brian, the owner, offering a partial refund for my initial order. Super excited to try this one out and grateful for this company!I must be doing something wrong, because the carry strap keeps sliding towards the middle of the board and I end up carrying the board on my own…the “nose” of the board falls towards the ground. The directions are confusing… other reviewers love this, so it must be “user error.”

  4. Amazon Customer

    I like the concept but I found my board was to heavy for me to carry like that. The paddle handle seemed to slip toward the top so I couldn’t get the lift I needed. I think it will be great for hanging it to store.

  5. kristine

    It makes transporting the board so much easier. Highly recommend it

  6. Amazon Customer

    Here on the South Shore of Oahu Island in Hawaii, the surf slogan is Pray for surf and Pray for parking as well. At 68 years old, the carrying my longboard was killing me until I got this sling. It’s ridiculously good. No more sore shoulders. The board feels like it lost 10 pounds. Perfect fit! Oh but I did pay $30 for it 8 days ago, now it’s on sale for $25. If Amazon could credit me the 5 bucks, then it would be even better yet. Thanks!!

  7. Ashley

    Takes a little bit to get used to setting it up but once you got a hang of it, it’s a sturdy and well made strap. Good customer service and they plant a tree on behalf of your purchase to give back a little. Highly recommended

  8. Kimberly Leigh

    does exactly what is intended. Easy to use. Like the additional strap for the paddle.

  9. CBS

    I love this paddle board strap! I live about three blocks from the place I paddle. Although I have a light weight board, even 23 pounds gets heavy after a little while! I am 55 years old and prior to purchasing the strap, I had started to wonder how much longer I would be able to get out on the water without assistance. (While I know I can use a caddy to wheel the board, there is no place to lock it up once I arrive.). The Enhanced SUP Strap is exactly what I needed! I also use the strap to hang my board for storage. Thanks for a great product!

  10. Christina M.

    Easy to assemble and works great!!! Very sturdy and the shoulder strap has some kind of gel padding inside making it super soft! Love the water bottle attachment! Pleased customer!!!

  11. Max Wesenberg

    One thing to keep in mind is to not bash the plastic buckles, they are just normal plastic and dont look like they would hold up to being crunched with the weight of a board. It’s a great solution to a common problem, super easy to strap on and off with no hassle and makes logging your board easier, I sometimes didnt use it if my trailer was right by the beach, but even then this is so easy to use I just use it out of habit now!

  12. popcorn

    I just order the strap but it is still winter here. The seller wants me to give a review. But I haven’t even taken it out of the package. But he keeps sending email to review. So here go. It came to my house quickly. Nice package. You can see the product without removing it. Doesn’t feel heavy. So that nice. The color is black – so it will match most of my outfits.

  13. dan

    I can’t comment on its functionality at the beach yet as right now in New England we are fighting a wicked nor’easter. What I am commenting on is the design and potential. It has all I want in a carrier and the delivery was very quick. That was important as it is a birthday gift for my son.

  14. Melissa

    The paddle board carrier is very easy to put on the paddle board. I put it on by my self just to see how it fit. I was amazed at how easy it was to put on an how much it helped stabilize the paddle board for carrying it.

  15. Ashley Kalb

    Strap is easy to put on and comes with step by step instructions, and once on you don’t have to keep taking it on and off between uses- I just unclip the shoulder strap and store on the board while out in the water. I love that there are straps for the paddle and a compartment to put my water bottle and keys. This makes carrying my board to the lake so easy! The seller is also super attentive, emails you to make sure everything is good with your order and that you love the product. I highly recommend.

  16. Rebecca Balch

    The straps were easy to adjust and stayed in place. It doesn’t come with a bag, but I had a nylon drawstring bag. After putting it in the bag and getting it back out hours later, it didn’t tangle.

  17. Maia

    Makes carrying paddle board to water so much easier. Especially being small, with in proportion short arms, carrying my paddle board had been very awkward.

  18. Stang

    Bought for my daughter and it definitely lets her have the ability to carry the board herself. She is only 5’2″ and about 115lbs so she is little.

  19. Pamela

    It’s a little quirky at first, getting it to fit your board and your body, but once you get it suited for you it’s great and toally saves my arms and finger – love it!

  20. Marian T DeLay

    I have received the paddle and it seems like a great one, but, I have only tried it in my kitchen. It is still a bit too cold here to get out on the water. Perhaps it will earn the 5th star after I have tried it. Thank you for the personal touch

  21. abzrae

    I’m giving this four stars because I think it’s a quality strap, but I found it very confusing and hard to use. I gave up and it’s now sitting on top of my fiberglass SUP.

  22. Tammy E. Johnson

    Used it for the first time yesterday. It was a lifesaver! When the wind is blowing it is almost impossible for me to get my board back to my car. I snapped some pictures of it on my board today and sent them to my friend who also has a hardboard that is hard to carry so that she can see how easy to use and how cool it is.

  23. Gio V

    So I attached it to my big board. It dragged on the ground. My board was just easier to carry by board handle. Not easy to use in a hurry. I will try to use next time I go boarding.

  24. Sara

    UPDATE:After posting my review I recieved a new strap in the mail out of the blue from Brian at SUP. This new strap is way better than the original. Brian offered to return half my money for the trouble, I didnt even reach out to him, he reached out to me. Now that’s great customer service! I will be buying from SUP again soon!Concept is good, but quality is trash! Couldnt even use it because the hooks came missing a piece. I was so excited to use it too. Ill be cutting the cheap clips off and putting better quality ones on. Save your money, dont buy this one.

  25. Misirugi

    After reading reviews from others about strap being to long figured we can adjust it. After receiving the straps, they were built very well. Only issue we had was the straps being to short. Notified SUP of the issue and they sent another strap to make it right. That is what I call service. Straps are very durable. Would purchase for them again.


    excellent made in the USA

  27. Terry callahan

    Instructions were great, sent via e-mail before product arrived. However, I purchased a really nice sup board from Costco which is going to sell a lot of these boards due to price, convenience and quality of product. These boards are 35 inches wide and you’re strap is too short.

  28. Monica

    I’m 5’3″ and my board is 10′ and I live on the second floor of an apartment complex so getting my board up and down is hard enough let alone just carrying it in general but this product made my life a whole lot easier. Totally recommend!!!!!! It’s super easy to get on and off and made of good quality material. I give it an A++

  29. Mark Shrader

    I didn’t expect much for the price. I got WAY more!!! Great quality. Well made. VERY functional!!! Will make my life so much better. Now I can carry the paddle board and accessories very far from where I park my truck. I can attach my paddle in the velcro holder. I know they don’t advertise this as a feature, but I attach my waterproof bag to the paddle. Before, I was balancing the bag, the board and the paddle. The padding on the shoulder strap is amazing as it is very padded and doesn’t hurt the neck. I LOVE this purchase! Will be buying from them again!!! Can’t say enough about this amazing product!!! Thank you! Mark Ellicott City, MD

  30. pdk

    So glad I purchased this! Many other paddleboarders have looked at this when I carry my board to the lake and ask where I got it from. It does help quite a bit with the cumbersome board and trying to carry it on windy days along with all of my other stuff that I pack with me on my board.

  31. Lisa

    I had a chance to use the SUP strap last weekend. It was easy to attach to the SUP and the adjustable shoulder strap made it easy to adjust the height of my SUP so that I could carry it without worrying about the board hitting the ground. The strap is wide and does take some of the pressure off your shoulder. I am 5’5″ and weight 115lbs. My board is 10′ 6″ and I was able to carry it pretty easily. I also use the strap to hang my SUP on hooks I installed in my garage. This is and added bonus as I didn’t need to buy a separate system to store my board. The instructions that came with the strap were clear and the photos were very helpful. The only negative I found was that the straps did not stay really tight on my board. As I was carrying it the straps loosened a bit and the board slipped toward the back. It wasn’t a huge deal but is something I needed to stop and adjust.

  32. Cheesewhiz

    easy to use. I can carry my inflatable board or kayak without struggle (130 pound fit 60 y/o woman). stashed easily in the kayak or on the board. highly recommend

  33. Johnny C. Coontz

    So far so good. Bought these after trying to carry boards for a few hundred yard trek to the water. Straps seem good quality and fit securely on the boards, No slipping.

  34. MNgirl

    Within 48 hours of receiving my SUP carrier/storage strap, I received an email from SUP-Now asking if I was happy with my purchase. I was provided with an email address (that was for an ACTUAL PERSON) to use in the event I had questions or concerns. Seriously? What business does this anymore? Most places couldn’t care less if you’re satisfied once the sale is made. I haven’t attached the strap yet, but if the product is even half as good as the customer service, I’ll be thrilled.

  35. Ladazaka

    Exactly what I needed! Much easier to transport my paddleboard. Not bulky, no carts to worry about being stolen. Simple. Perfect!

  36. Consumer Chiba

    All seems good. My board is HUGE. I could stand a big longer shoulder harness and more padding. I might use if I drive somewhere and it’s a long walk, but for transport I will use a cart. I will keep it in my box of goodies or sell to someone with a lighter board.

  37. Spencer Z

    This made it so much easier to carry my kayak. They went on the kayak pretty easily once I adjusted it all to correctly. The only issue I had was that one of the staps would sometimes easily loosen when I picked up the kayak. So I had to keep tightening it and trying to wrap the strap up so it wouldn’t loosen. But, overall I’m happy with my purchase and may get others for my other kayaks.UPDATE 1/19/21 – I kept meaning to do an update. The seller saw my review and, without me asking, sent me a replacement because of the strap that would loosen. Amazing customer service! They even offered a refund, but I felt more than satisfied with the replacement. The straps worked great on my 10′ Kayak. It is almost impossible to carry alone, but with the strap I could do just that (normally I am with family, but I needed something to use on my solo trip and this was exactly what I needed). I thought about a wheeled dolly cart, but I went this route because once I went on the water I didn’t want to want to worry about the cart on my kayak. The straps are very portable, light, and easy to store and use. Great purchase … may need to buy one or two more sets for our other kayaks.

  38. Thomas E Urquhart

    Works well for SUP. I later used this to also haul my ocean kayak but after a few trips to the beach the strap buckle broke. 100% my fault; it’s not designed for use with something that heavy.Follow-up to review:The folks at SUP-Now contacted me immediately after posting my review, and even though the product broke due to my using it for a purpose other than what it was designed for, sent me a brand new strap and credited 50% off the original order. Pretty amazing.

  39. Queenie281

    Purchased this instead of replacement handles for my pb after mine broke. Easy to use. Nice that it also holds my paddle and a bottle holder. Great for the price.

  40. Lee Andors

    I have long arms but having this strap is so much easier!

  41. Caremelj

    The SUP carry strap is just what I needed. I received instructions both by email and on a printed card that came with the strap, so I was able to use the carry strap right away. My SUP weighs 50 pounds and I’m a 5’3 45 year old woman. I was able to easily carry my SUP to the lake. I’m so glad I got this!

  42. David Gibson

    Takes a while to get it all set up so that the board is well balanced. I have actually reverted to carrying my board without it.

  43. Brenda Scheibe

    Product was sturdy and simple to assemble to board. Even in the shortest adjustment, needing to slide my head through, the board was awkward to walk with for longer distance. I am only 5’2″ and it hurt my low back a bit when carrying. Think it’s a good priduct but for someone taller. It was windy on my walk back and board was hard to control. Had to stop several times. Will save it for taller family members to use.

  44. A. Lee

    I had high hopes for this product. Unfortunately , attached the straps to the board and over my shoulder, when snap, the connector broke. So glad, I always try out my equipment the day before a paddle. Total waste of money.

  45. edgaff

    Using it for a hard sided prone paddleboard. Works great. I imagine it would be even better for a SUP, hard or soft sided.

  46. Amazon Customer

    I am five one and caring my board any distance was difficult. This strap has made it so much easier to enjoy our boards. The strip adjusted perfectly for my height and for my husband who is 6 feet tall. It was also very easy to put on !

  47. Shereef Emara

    I like it

  48. Shar (Choo) Iseri

    Straps are Great…now I just need someone to carry it.

  49. Liz

    This strap is quick and makes my rather wide 11’6” board very manageable to walk from the car! I love it! The paddle strap is also convenient.

  50. SC

    This is a great strap. The material is very high quality. I use it on my 8ft torq longboard surfboard. It works really well! Thank you!

  51. Sally Pham

    I’m a 5’3″ chick who hates carrying weight, especially after paddleboarding for 2 hours. This has made the trek, back to the car so more manageable! I still take 1 or 2 breaks, depending on my parking spot, but at least I’m not finding myself winded from carrying my board. I absolutely recommend this product for all those who love the sport and who get off on being self sufficient!

  52. play hard

    This strap is awesome! It makes it sooo much easier to carry my board and even to get it on off the roof of my car. I no longer have to stop to switch arms while carrying my board the 1/4 mile to the beach from the parking lot!

  53. Amazon Customer

    Cant wait to use it. We have two 11″ SUPs that are only 27lbs but still awkward to carry to the water at the end of our street. I like the fact that you can leave the straps around the board when paddling and can just place the shoulder strap on top of the board, so there is nothing you have to worry about leaving on the beach. Another review said this strap could also be use to store the board hanging on the wall. Our boards are fairly light but the shoulder strap is extra thick with cushioning for heavier boards. And this strap holds your paddle as well.

  54. JJP

    Great product! We sometimes have to carry our boards a distance to put in, we aren’t getting any younger lol. This helps.

  55. Vince

    I have one of the heaviest SUPs on the market at 45lbs & 11ft, and it was very cumbersome to lift up onto my Jeep alone with only the standard center handle. Having one of these straps as a secondary grip is a complete game changer and lets you control the board more from hitting your vehicle on the way up. Also great for carrying to the water; lets you use way more muscles (safer) to carry the weight and frees up your other hand to guide the board and keep it from bruising your hip.I do wish the plastic buckles were on the straps in such a way that they would not be on the bottom where they create drag and catch surface debris.The paddle holding straps are nice too. Changes my setup workflow once arriving at the water and I no longer have to worry about holding the paddle with my other hand or keeping it in the bag on my shoulder. Assemble it at the car and use the velcro straps for it. Water bottle pouch is useful too!Will update review if it doesn’t hold-up material wise after more uses.

  56. iLean

    I’m using this for my kayak and at first try it worked ok. I tried walking around with it strapped and the kayak rubbed my calf every step. Ouch. I got to the water using it and was feeling a little better about it but when I came out of the water for some reason I couldn’t get it to stay put. The straps kept sliding and the kayak almost slid off several times when I tried to lift the strap onto my shoulder. It was a miserable, long walk back to my SUV. I also had a backpack and small cooler I was juggling with to keep the kayak from sliding off and drsgging .I would be willing to rate it higher if I’m doing something wrong that can be fixed. Any suggestions?

  57. Cherie Logan

    It broke the first time I used it. Posted about it and the company was very proactive in resolving my issue. I haven’t used the replacement yet but based off of customer service alone I’m giving it all the stars.

  58. NL

    Makes it very easy to carry a heavy SUP. Instructions for setup could be better but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how it goes. Also, all the hardware on my Sup-Now is plastic, not metal.

  59. Likes to shop online

    Works great for getting my board back to the truck after an exhausting paddle. My board is big and heavy and slippery but it is easy to put this on in the water and carry everything at once. I originally contacted customer service about a missing piece and a new one was sent immediately. Brian in customer service was great!

  60. 07MINI

    This really helps to carry our paddle board around. We live a few blocks from a lake, so we just carry it over there. The few times we had just carried it, without a strap, it really hurt our backs (we each carried it once, by ourselves, for clarification). With the strap it is way easier to carry and takes a lot of the strain off our backs. I like that it has clips and swivels on each side to make it easier to get it on your shoulder and eliminate twists, that was one of the main reasons I purchased this one over other brands.

  61. Amazon Customer

    I like that I found a shorter fin for my SUPboard. Installation is simple. Customer service is excellent- I didn’t have any issues to contact customer service but they checked in to see that all was good!

  62. Stone B.

    Tuve un accidente con una pieza que se rompió y Brian, la persona responsable de los returns fue muy amable y envió dos veces el equipo completo de reemplazo porque una se perdió en el correo. En realidad estoy agradecido por su excelente servicio. Muchas gracias. Atencion increible.

  63. aaron reading

    It arrived quickly. I bought it for a gift, looks like it will work. Recipients are excited.

  64. Elaine Guillermo


  65. CJ

    I’ve only had the chance to use the straps on my board once, but we had to carry the 70 pound /11 foot board from the parking lot, down stairs and around several beaches to find a spot to stop and they worked beautifully! I was worried seeing another comment that another customers board was too heavy and the straps broke, but this did not happen for me! They are still hard to carry being 70 lbs but these straps are something out of heaven for us! We often had to abandon 1 one the two board as it took two people to carry one, now we can both carry them with ease! Great product, thanks@

  66. Amazon Customer

    Really great strap. Works so much better than the others. Although I was miss lead by your post on Amazon by showing three straps in fact you only get one,I was buying this for my wife I really wanted the pink color but got black I’m mad about that would still like to get the pink color.

  67. B. Cueva

    I was really hoping this wield be the solution to carrying my heavy board, but getting it back on after paddle boarding took way too much time and effort. I ended up carrying my board and the straps separately.

  68. Janet Schneider

    Love this strap, makes getting to the water so much easier. Live that it holds my paddle also! Seems cery durable.

  69. Family Mom

    This has helped me so much carrying my iSUP. Even from the car to the water it can get cumbersome and heavy especially if there are hills. All the ladies I paddleboard with love it.

  70. DW20689

    Ordered based on the great reviews. Seemed like a good product but the first time I used it to carry my 30lbs board, one side of one of the buckles broke.

  71. Sara

    The instructions were very unclear— I had no idea where to connect the straps at all. While I was walking, one of the straps started slipping out of the fastener and my board got scuffed on the sidewalk! I’m 5’7”— not exactly tall but not short either, and this sling made my board drop super low so I had to lift it by the handle often on a half mile walk to the launch to keep my board from getting scuffed again. I don’t live in an area that is friendly to paddlers, so my launch options are not great except to walk. I wanted this to be a hands-free option to carry my board down to the water and carry my gear with it, but this ended up being a really clumsy option and I struggled the entire way. This product and its users would benefit from clearer instructions or a video on the site from the manufacturer so our personal property isn’t damaged.

  72. Mtngirl

    Picture makes the strap look longe for shoulder use. When I used it, the strap is shorter than I thought.

  73. Bbreece

    Bought this product for my fiancee who is 5’1″ 103 pnds. She has a board that is 9 feet 12 inches long. Not sure about the weight. This makes carrying it a tad bit easier but adds a big stress on her shoulder. Sadly not as easy to carry as people claimed it would be. She ditched the strap and carries by hand under her arm for short distances. Nice to have the water bottle holder on the strap if it would stay on.

  74. Tiffani Metyk

    This is perfect for my folding kayak!! Seems like good quality material and the padded shoulder strap is really comfy! I’m so excited to not have to hand carry my paddle!

  75. Kim

    Product is exactly a described. Super fast delivery and impeccable customer service. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

  76. HRN

    I have a large fiberglass Paddleboard that can be difficult to transport. I currently have it in a location where there are very steep steps. The strap was easy to apply and allowed me to easily maneuver the board down the steps. It gives you extra carry power.

  77. Bob T.

    Worked as advertised but using the finger hole on the board is quicker and easier to carry your sup board .. so we don’t really use them

  78. Todd M

    This product really makes hauling our paddle board to the beach much easier, which means we use it more. Great option for people that need to carry the board to the water.

  79. AnneBashaway

    My new BIC board is much heavier than the last one I had. So I had to get a strap. I took it around the yard carrying it. The neighbors got a kick out of it and It felt so much stable that struggling to hold this up. This is so worth it!

  80. Jennifer D.

    I just ordered this product and tested it in place. It is quite easy to put on and works well. The shoulder strap has nice padding and the velcro straps for the paddle is helpful. Product comes with a little bag to store straps on your board. I will update review once I use it but for now, I would recommend this product.

  81. H. Sorrells

    I make a ton of Amazon purchases but rarely take the time to rate anything, but I had to leave feedback on this one! Very high quality product with a smart design. Performs better than expected. I consider this essential paddle board gear. I’m so happy with my purchase! Keep up the good work, SUP-Now!

  82. K.T.

    There is a great effort toward providing instructions that are easy to follow. It takes a little bit to adjust the straps to your liking but once it’s done it’s done. I really appreciated the follow-up thank you notes as I believe these folks intend to and do provide great products. Thank you!

  83. Hillery Ruloff

    After carrying my new board one time, I realized that I was going to need some form of carrier. I was trying to decide between a wheel-based and a shoulder-based. I am so pleased that I bought this.It transfers the weight completely to the shoulder and allows your hand to guide the board and turn.The design allows me to put it on the car roof rack and get it back off with ease.

  84. Amazon Customer

    I think it is a really good strap probably closer to a 4 star but the paddle strap part is right in the way of handle for SUP. If I was to make a suggestion it would be to offset the paddle strap part. Other than that pretty good deal

  85. Christopher

    Seems well built and fits my NRS Imperial 6 just fine. The shoulder pad is comfortable. I do wish the shoulder strap was a little longer so I could space out the board straps more to make it more stable when carrying it though.

  86. Lynne Silva

    Makes carrying my board for any distance a breeze! I am a mature but strong, woman; the 10′ 6″ board is not heavy but awkward, especially with any wind. This carry strap makes it comfortable and easy, much more convenient. I don’t stress about walking to a launch spot anymore. Thank you!

  87. Sherrie Chaffin

    good product

  88. Rob Innes

    The product is a good idea. The shoulder strap should be longer.

  89. Abuzardan

    Nice to take it to the beach

  90. Joel Flores

    This thing is worthless. The entire weight of the board is on a relying on a plastic nipple peice that rotates and popped out almost instantly.. On both ends. Don’t waste your time or money like I did.***update!!! I am putting my review back up to a 5 star rating as the guys at SUP NOW have reached out personally and made it right by sending me a new updated strap that works much better. It’s all about the service with these guys and that what we need more of in this world. Thanks Brain & team SUP!!!

  91. CFranks

    My strap was a LIFESAVER! I’m 5’3 and my arms are short. My husband would have had to carry my board from the truck to the ramp had I not had my strap. It is also very easy to put on and take off.

  92. Allan Roeder

    I was skeptical when I first saw this but thought “What the heck, I’ll try it.” It works exactly as advertised and is really handy if you have to carry your board for a long distance or on windy days. The small velcro tabs to hold the paddle are convenient. Super simple in design (I prefer to loop the strap over my head opposite the side I’m carrying the board on – much easier than just over the shoulder) and priced right.

  93. T. C. B.

    Unlike most people who order this item, I don’t own a surf or paddle board. I ordered this for a large strapless duffle bag. With this carry system, I can easily strap this to a duffle for shoulder carry. This makes it a lot easier to carry a 50 pound duffle using this than using the hand straps. The only reason this did not get 5 stars is the shoulder strap is not adjustable. Overall It is a quality product.

  94. Ruth Rivera Lin

    Best straps for the price. Company donates trees for each strap so support these guys!

  95. Amazon Customer

    this was working fine but after a few times the buckles keep popping open, so it is not helping. Is there something I can do about this?Teresa

  96. Bernadette Boncföldi

    We just moved to a new house and have a cove leading into a bay right in front of our house. There are some steep stairs leading down to it so I decided to purchase the carry straps because my arm feels numb by the time I would arrive at the water. Wow, now that I have the straps I can’t believe how I made it for two years without them. We are an instant love match 😊 Great job!!

  97. Helen

    I have a 12 and a half foot paddle board that weighs as much as a baby elephant. It was really hard for me to carry it to the water. This has made it so much easy to walk down to the bay and drop my board in. The best part is that I can throw it in my dry bag and paddle off with it. I struggled a little to assemble it, but I’m a blonde, so….The instructions were very helpful and the message I got from the company after ordering was super helpful as well. I’m so glad I can use my paddle board and get out on the water more often now.

  98. Katie

    This board is big, you wind fall off it very easily. It’s a bit heavy and awkward carrying but I got the carry strap and that helps a lot. It goes across the lake pretty quick! You could fish off it.

  99. Doug Brown

    Slick straps, easily adjustable to take on and off. Much easier than just carrying the board. It you want to use the handy water bottle holder great, you might want that strap in the front but either way works. Obviously strapping the paddle is a benefit to free up the other hand.

  100. Scott Baily

    1st time long boarder with a 8 block walk to the beach. I had to drive and parking near the ocean is difficult and losing my spot near my place made it impossible to surf on busy days and weekends…so I bought this strap. I wasn’t about to carry my board 8 blocks there and back. With this strap it made it super easy. The weight is balanced on my shoulder and also frees up my hands. It made the impossible…possible.I’m very satisfied with this product.

  101. about time

    FABULOUS product! This is my second purchase of the item – so pleased with the first, and so economical, I thought I should just capitalize on the ease-factor and have one dedicated for each use I need!Very nice quality materials – the straps, Velcro, stitching, and hardware attachments are all top-notch.EXTREMELY adjustable to the board (or whatever you need to carry) and the person carrying. Great product, great price, great vendor!

  102. Nancy

    Seems great…liked the cushioning on shoulder pad and color. Did not get to use it yet and the second one was a gift, so looking forward to trying it out!

  103. bill goerger

    A MUST HAVE for transporting your SUP back and forth to the beach. I actually stopped taking my SUP to the beach because it was such an absolute pain with the wind constantly trying to blow an11 foot board out of your 4 fingers the entire walk back and forth from the parking lot.This strap makes it effortless.

  104. cofffelover19

    Great product – easy to figure out how to use.

  105. Lisa A. Dworkin

    Although I specifically purchased a lightweight paddleboard, this strap makes it so much easier to carry. I have super short, not very strong , so by moving the weight of the paddle board to my shoulders the board is much easier for me to handle. And, my hands are free for other things!

  106. Sean

    After months of paddle boarding with a friend over the summer, we both realized how much in need we were for a more effective way to transport our paddle boards to the beach (about a 5-6 block walk in heavy traffic during the summer months). I tried calling around to local surf shops and none of them could help me (either sold out or the other options were too expensive). So I tried looking for an affordable paddle board strap on Amazon, and came across SUP-Now’s product. I just got it today, and it was everything I was hoping it would be. The strap is easy to attach around your board and there is plenty of padding to make all the weight of the board comfortable on your shoulder. I will definitely recommend this product to all of my friends that paddle board as well.In addition to the strap being very satisfactory, the guys at SUP-Now emailed me to see if I was happy with their product. I spoke with one of the owners of the company, and he informed me that if I wasn’t happy with the product he would personally see to it that he would do whatever needed to make sure I was happy. I have come to find through buying online that many companies are becoming very impersonal with their customers, but this company was not one of them. I’m certainly going to buy more paddle board products through this company.

  107. S. Vidal

    I’m 4’11 120lbs my board it’s 3x bigger than me and walking from the car to the water and back was not fun at all; this strap makes the hoard weightless and very manageable to carry without much effort. Only problem I’m personally having its I still have problems to set it up and even then it serves its purpose. Highly recommend.

  108. Troy A. Martin

    Just used this for the first time today and I have to say it works great. Definitely makes hauling the paddle boards from the car to the water much easier. Especially great after a long day paddling.

  109. EAbbey

    I am 5’4″ in order to shorten up straps so the board isn’t dragging on the ground, it is too short to get over my head and hang off. Then I can’t even walk. My tall (6’2″) husband tried it and it works but still very awkward walking with it. To go a very long distance or up and down hills / cliff walks at the ocean, dont think it would work so great.

  110. DW

    Great product! We have inflatable SUPs and the straps wrap around the entire board easily. The padded shoulder strap is perfect. We like it so much that we bought 2! Highly recommend.

  111. Hyoun Kim

    As a family taking on the hobby of kayaking, we didn’t realize how hard they would be to carry. I purchased a 10′ while my wife got an 8′. The kids have 6′ kayaks. The larger ones weighed at least 45-50+ lbs according to the sticker. As much as we love kayaking, we were about to return them because the burden of carrying them to/from the lake was just too much. That’s when I searched online for ways to carry kayaks.I stumbled across kayak dollies, but those are too awkward (especially having to get them for multiple people). The same search showed shoulder straps. One thing led to another and I found all sorts of products on Amazon.Ultimately, I went with the SUP-NOW brand. Despite the straps being marketed towards stand up paddleboards, some reviews mentioned they have been used for kayaks. Although I was unsure about the price (there are cheap knockoffs on Amazon), I bought SUP-NOW’s because of the glowing reviews.Upon use, I cannot believe what a difference it makes. The price vs quality cannot be beat and it makes kayaking for my family much easier. Easier to carry means we will do it more often.Thanks SUP-NOW!

  112. 925LH

    Good to have this on hand when you have to carry your board back and forth. I am short, so when I carry it’s a challenge to keep the board from dragging on the ground. It did take a little time to figure out how to strap it the first time.The price was right and it did help in carrying it down to the ramp with all my other gear. Good to have on hand when you have to carry on your own.

  113. Jerry A.

    The adjustable padded strap with loops for a hands free paddle carry is exactly what thisLong Beach girl needed. Quick delivery of product. I’m totally pleased with my purchase.

  114. Sara S

    Interesting concept but not durable. Metal hooks/clasps are already breaking after 2 uses. Not worth it

  115. Aprilrn

    Great for small people packing paddle boards! It makes it a breeze!

  116. Cara

    It’s okay, but one of the hooks that makes one of the board straps is flimsy and falls out of the loop it’s supposed to go in.Happened on the first use. Also not the easiest to adjust. Pretty cheaply made. I might try again, but I doubt it’ll go any better

  117. Amazon Customer

    Haven’t taken it to the beach yet but strapped the paddle board up as soon as it came to test it out! Super easy to set up and I think it will make taking the sup board to the beach so much easier!

  118. Bruce Mears

    Arrived on time. The Sup carrying strap works perfect when carrying my board from the parking lot to the ocean. The most impressive part of this purchase is Brian from SUP-Now emailed me to make sure I like the product!

  119. A. Miner

    It works well with the inflatable paddleboard I purchased with it. It definitely was a good buy.

  120. wolftrax

    This is a great way to transport a paddleboard. I have an inflatable board. My first one had a shoulder strap but my new one doesn’t. This is a great accessory to have to carry your board to the water easily. It’s easy to get on and off. Strap is really comfortable.

  121. Monique

    This is a great way to carry your SUP board if you’re a beginner or have some compromised land to walk with your SUP.

  122. b0sc0

    Very pleased with the purchase. Makes carrying my board to the beach a breeze. Also love that the paddle can be strapped to the side as well. My only issue would be that the shoulder pad could be a little softer. It is padded well, but the material along the edge can feel a little tough on the skin.

  123. Shannnjim

    This makes my paddleboard so much easier to carry with my bad back. Absolutely love it! ❤️

  124. Selina Jackson

    I love this!

  125. Amazon Customer

    This product is amazing, exactly what I was looking for to help make my life easier when carrying around a paddle board twice my height lol. I made the mistake of leaving the straps on when I was transporting my board to the next town over and lost one of the straps mid drive. Brian had reached out to me to see if I was enjoying the strap and I told him what happened and the same day he sent me out a replacement strap completely free! Just wow! Great product, great price, outstanding customer service! Also shipped way faster than the estimated time originally given. Def give this product & company a try!

  126. Yokes

    Have used this many times and it’s very helpful carrying my 11′ plus paddleboard. However I don’t like that the buckles and paddle holder are on opposite sides. It makes it difficult to adjust. My board is pretty wide so accessing both sides is not easy. I would much prefer that the strap buckles and paddle holder were on the same side making it easier to attach to my board. Also, it would be better if I could pull the straps toward me to tighten them so I could put the board on my shoulder and adjust it. With how its made, you have to tighten the straps by pulling them away from you which makes it difficult with such a wide board.If they fixed the placement of the buckles, this would be perfect!

  127. L D W-L.

    Buy this SUP-Now strap! It is worth the extra $5 to get a strap with padding (see photos). I purchased both this strap (SUP Now) and the Deluxe SUP Carry Strap from Own the Wave, since it came with a waist pack and a phone case. Wanted to see the quality of the two straps and there is no comparison. Don’t cheap out and do your shoulder a favor and get the padded SUP Now strap. The Own the wave strap is on the left and SUP–now on the right in the uploaded photos. Own the Wave is so thin and not comfortable at all. I sent back the Own the Wave and bought another SUP now. We are hanging our boards now with this strap for storage as well. Also this is not a fake review! See the photos and judge for yourself :o)

  128. kosada

    Works great! Fits my really wide paddleboard of 83” circumference. There are many competitors but what put SUP-Now above the rest is the customer service! Im happy with my choice! This is a game-changer so i can access more water for fishing.Only suggestion. Make all the clips aluminum instead of plastic. the clip for around the paddleboard is aluminum. The clips for shoulder strap is plastic.


    Looks okay, can be adjusted to a larger SUP no problem, appears strong…. but on my second day using it one strap clip partially broke. The middle section of it cracked and then strap got lose and my SUP fell down (luckily on gravel, but could happen over concrete floor then damage to expensive sup guaranteed). This happened completely unexpected, no signs of failure. Please see attached picture where yellow part shows slip with middle part intact, while red arrow points to the clip which lost middle section. Ugly tie helped to still carry sup to vehicle, but it was last use of this product. Beware.

  130. Samuel C Garcia

    Love the SUP strap, I made a hollow wooden SUP and it weighs 38 pounds the SUP strap is easy to use and is very comfortable and makes transporting safe and easy!

  131. Helms

    Works great!! So helpful, I used to struggle getting my paddle board to the lake but now it’s easy, slips right over my shoulder and makes it super easy to carry. Very adjustable too so could even work with a small kayak.

  132. Amazon Customer

    Very happy with construction, I haven’t been able to use it yet waiting for warm weather!

  133. William Clarke Blauer

    Excellent materials and easy to use. Great for carry my board over long distances.

  134. S. Wilson

    This product makes that easy. We live just across the street from a lake and a five minute walk to a dock. I bought this sling as a Christmas gift for my wife (paddleboard instructor) so she could carry her heavier paddleboard to the lake. Very easy to attach – nice features. She loves it.

  135. Stephanie Waguespack

    I loved this. It came quickly with Prime.I used it the night I got it in the mail and it immediately took the weight of the paddleboard off of my arms. With a back injury too, this was helpful because it made it possible for me to comfortably carry the board.The straps also come with a storage bag attached to them which made it nice because I could attach it to my board for easy stow away.

  136. Elijah Hall

    Great product! We recently bought an inflatable board and the bag instantly fell apart leaving us with no way to transport and store. Thank goodness we bought these awesome straps! We used them to wrap up and secure our deflated board for travel home. Worked perfectly! Thank you!

  137. R. Benninghoven

    This strap does what it’s supposed to. Nice pad on the strap for comfortably transporting my board to the beach. Conveniently holds the paddle too. I would buy it again.

  138. Rosemary Lohman

    We LOVE these paddle boards. Easy to get up on, easy to have the best time in the water. Very sturdy, and not that heavy. The retractable fin is the best.

  139. gretchen

    I received a Bote paddle board for mother’s day. Being that it is a 12 ft board, and I am only 5’5″, I needed a strap to help me carry it down to the beach, especially on windy days. After reading many reviews I chose the SUP-Now strap. I was very excited when this arrived, and used it the following Sunday. When trying to put in on, over my shoulder, as the instructions and pictures indicate, I didn’t have enough room to do so. I ended up shortening the shoulder strap to carry it like it was a purse. That evening I got an email from Brian, the owner, asking if I had any questions and if I was pleased with the product. I emailed back, definitely sure that it was purely operator error. Within 5 minutes, I had received a response from Brian, who informed me that because Bote is a wider board, I needed a longer strap. Brian said he would be sending me a replacement strap. About an hour later, I received a second email stating he had already shipped the new strap, and to please keep the smaller one. I was floored. I immediately emailed him thanking him, and expressing my sincere thanks. I made sure to let him know that I wish ALL companies had such stellar customer support and service. I just got my other strap, and am looking forward to testing it out this weekend, once the rain leaves our area. This strap is of the greatest quality, and you absolutely cannot purchase from a more dependable, honest, and genuinely caring company. I highly recommend the strap, and SUP-Now. I look forward to purchasing more products from them!

  140. Michael Stallings

    The clasp on the shoulder strap straightened and will no longer close

  141. Kiki Snow

    I like to leave my board inflated in the garage and just put it on my car when going to my local town lake. But, carrying it across the park was super annoying. This durable strap is a simple, comfortable way to make it WAY easier.

  142. Roe

    VERY well made, easy to use. Hands free to walk to the water with my Dog on her leash. I have already told many friends about this product. Love it !

  143. Vicki S.

    Hi! I received my strap recently and tried it out. Now I am a VERY new paddle boarder and regardless of what others say, even though it is light compared to its relative size, it gets quite heavy when I have to carry it for any distance. So I got the strap. One thing that attracted me to it was one of the reviewers said it could be left on the board, which was great because otherwise it wouldn’t be practical to take it off, walk it back all the way to my vehicle and then walk back to the water. But when I started out, it seemed harder than usual to steer and move forward. I didn’t know if it was the strap or the fact that the breeze was causing a rippling of the water. So at one point I got in the water to take it off, got back on my board and discovered it was considerably easier. I still don’t know why that would be since the parts of the straps in the water were flush against the board with nothing dragging or sticking out, but that was my experience. So I continue on paddling and I was worried that if I fell off, the strap would be lost forever as it sank to the bottom of the lake. So I threaded it through my flip flops. But alas, it floats! At least it seemed to regardless of my flip flops. So then I thought, it’s no big deal to just take it off and keep it on the board and put it back on, except that it’s not exactly easy to put it back on in a quick manner. I also liked the idea of using it to store the board. In summary, I’m glad I got it because if I should be somewhere where it is not feasible to carry my board for a lengthy distance the strap did make it so much easier, but for where I usually go, I’ll just use the boat ramp to leave my board in the water while I park and then walk back to my board. I hope this isn’t too bad of a review.

  144. Tharizz0

    This item was much better than I hoped for and I had high hopes to begin with. The design is very simple. 2 straps go around your board and you tighten them up and adjust the clips to one side of your board then attach the shoulder strap. The straps can stay on your board and you can easily unclip the shoulder strap to avoid drag while paddling. Quick and convenient! The straps are well padded and feel like you could walk a great distance without an issue. The board stays close to your body and if you have your straps located near the center of the board then the board balances out and barely feels like you’re carrying anything.The magic of the straps for me personally are the Velcro pieces. Line them up on the top of the board and you can strap your paddle down while carrying. It also gives you an anchor point for your paddle while doing SUP Yoga of if you were on a lazy creek ride and wanted to take some pics.For those wondering about size I have a titanic board and the straps fit with plenty of room left for adjustments. My board is 14′ and 4 3/4″ thick. It’s a HovieSUP Pursuit racing/touring model board. If the straps will easily fit my big boy they will fit your board.An added nice touch is one of the straps have a little mesh storage compartment. I was trying a few different pair of polarized glasses out yesterday on the water and placed one pair in the pouch. It doesn’t completely close but it will keep items inside and secure. Convenient for those who tour and take a lot of items with them!

  145. Kathryn Boerner

    My paddleboard is huge and heavy for me at 40 pounds. It came with a case and shoulder strap but wowza it hurt and adding padding would not work based on how it distributed the weight. I ditched the bag and wrapped this around the board and lalala! I wear it on the opposite shoulder and can walk the 1/4 mile to the water without having to drive.

  146. Vern & Blondie

    Exactly what I needed! I would definitely recommend this strap. I have an inflatable paddle board. With the parks closed, due to Covid 19, I’m not able to take my car, which is were I keep my bag and gear. With this strap I was able to inflate at home, and walk it across the street to the beach, with no need to carry anything but a towel. Strap folds up nicely and stays under the nose cargo net, no problem/no worries someone will steal it from the beach. Easy to use and tucks away in my gear bag, nicely when it needs to be stored.

  147. SAP

    Bought it for my wife she said that it does help

  148. SS

    I purchased this strap and another cheaper one for my daughter’s board. I figured that since hers was such a smaller board that it wouldn’t be a big difference. This strap is a lot nicer and the buckle clips are so much easier than straps that slide on. Overall, this has been a good purchase.

  149. Hollie Mack

    Does the trick! I have a 9’4″ board and I live about an eighth of a mile from the water and this strap is a must. I got tired of trying to carry my board and paddle at the same time. The straps are great quality and it even comes with a small water bottle holder. Yay! Thanks SUP-Now.

  150. Laura Hornbacher

    I have not used the strap yet due to weather but it arrived fast and I am super excited to be able to carry my board with ease! Thank you!!!

  151. Angela

    LOVE! I’m 5’4″ girl w 10’6″ board that’s 32 inches mid and 24 lbs and this works great. Put it on in the water as I’m getting out to carry board – AND leave on when putting on top of Jeep, helps hold the board stable and helps me get it down later. I stuff this into a dry bag when on the water. It’s perfect.

  152. Chris

    It took some adjusting to find the best places to put the straps on the board and how to adjust it on my shoulder, but I love this strap. My SUP is too heavy for me to carry to the beach w/o multiple stops, but this enabled me to carry it the whole way with minimal discomfort. It was a bit difficult to control on windy days, but still significantly easier than w/o a strap, which is as good as can be expected when carrying something so big! I carry the paddle in the other hand b/c it either gets in the way of my arm or bangs against my thigh depending on which side I place it, but I might be able to adjust the position if I took more time, so I won’t drop a star just for that.

  153. ken burkhardt

    Looks like a good tool for carting large surfboards and SUP’s. I have one of each that I often carry 1/2 mile over sand dunes and this is a good solution. It’s light weight, easy to pack and set up and moderately priced. Sure beats putting a board on my head ala 1963 when it wears out an arm.,

  154. Angeline J. Damigos

    I purchased this Carrier for my SUP. The first time I used it (on a Saturday) I lost/dropped the Strap with the Shoulder pad. I immediately emailed the sellers and thought it wouldn’t be until at least after Monday that they would even get my inquiry to purchase just the strap/pad. Within an hour they responded and offered to send me the Strap/pad for FREE! NO CHARGE!!! What? Wow! During the week while I was tracking the package they kept in touch with me apologizing for the delay in delivery. The day I got my new kayak, the Strap/Pad arrived just in time to use it to carry it to the water out my back gate. Be careful not to unclip the strap from the both of two pieces like I did. I learned my lesson. It makes carrying these fun toys much easier. Thank YOU SUP-Now! Great Company!

  155. Amazon Customer

    I received my straps last week and used them for my SUP board on Saturday. I have a 12’6″ Riveria Voyager, it’s a little on the heavy side and only has a center handle cut out. I’ve been looking for an easier way to carry my board which led me to your straps. It made a world of difference connecting the straps to my board and carrying it on my shoulder. The shoulder pad was well padded and comfortable. Overall I was very pleased with the functionality of these straps and made it a lot easier to transport my board to and from the water.I highly recommend these SUP-Now Paddleboard straps!

  156. Amazon Customer

    I’ve only used this once so far but the minute I strapped it up I loved it! Takes the weight off of my arms and distributes it over my shoulders. Normally I have to stop every now and then a put it down to rest as I’m walking from my car to the beach but not this time. So far this is great! Nice a simple. Not too expensive so I can leave it on the beach with my flip flops and not worry.

  157. arpuffer

    The sling: good materials, good design, easy enough to figure out with a little trial and error. Love itThe instructions: Too vague, they spent too much effort illustrating the clip and not what the strap the clip was on looked like. It’s not a difficult product to figure out, but the directions seemed to make it harder for me than just going for itThe water bottle holder: why not put that money into better instructions instead?

  158. happyharriston

    Love the new paddleboard strap. I live 3 looong blocks away from the beach launch point, so the paddleboard strap has really saved my hands and forearms from numbness. Quite simple to use, especially after you’ve adjusted the straps the first time. Two snaps, strap on the paddle, and get going. The enclosed instructions are easy to follow, and the company’s customer service also followed up with a PDF version just in case.

  159. Amazon Customer

    We live across the street from the lake and have to go up and down a hill to get to the dock. This makes carrying the paddle board so much easier. It seems to be well constructed and sturdy. The shoulder strap is comfortable. So far so good.

  160. A college student

    It is a gift for my husband. We have not tried other label and cannot compare it with other. I give five stars for the quality and the reasonable price. It is very easy to put it on or off, and the shoulder pad is comfortable. Over all, it is a well made product.

  161. bana

    When I searched for a carry strap for my paddleboard this was the first item to come up. I saw others and compared specs but this one met with what I was looking for by the description. I received it and it all comes in a mesh carry pouch so you can put it away together nicely. The shoulder pad is super comfy. It has a water bottle holder which fits my metal reusable 20oz water bottle. This is great.

  162. Zafira Daima

    Edit- after posting my review I heard from manufacturer and he sent a replacement strap. I’ve added photos of where to hook the buckle, there is a loop and the very end of the strap. Replacement has all metal parts, so it should last a long time.I made the mistake of not using this right away. The buckle on the strap you wrap around the SUP doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t hook into anything. You slide it over the strap, as seen in my 4th photo. But there is nothing to catch it to keep it from sliding back off. There is a loop in each strap with velcro, where you can insert your paddle. However, if you put the buckle into that loop, then the strap doesn’t fit around a SUP. Wish I’d returned it.

  163. CTO

    Easy to use and I just leave them on the boat when I’m on it. I bought this because I usually get stuck carrying an 11’ board by myself. The straps made life easier and every time people see me carrying the board they ask where I got the straps.

  164. Butrovich

    I purchased this to carry my Vibe Skipjack 90 kayak more easily. I did not want to have to carry my kayak over my head all the time from the car and thought this would be a good idea. My kayak is 9ft long, 32 inches wide and 40lbs. This padded carrier BARELY fits my kayak, but it fits nonetheless. Once my straps were all set for the correct length, it became very easy to slip the strap under the kayak and fasten them with clips. The strap that goes over the shoulder could be a tad longer, in my opinion, but it does the job. The padding works great and it is NOT sewn to the strap, which allows it to move up and down the strap. Some people may feel this is a problem, but if you have to lift the front end of your kayak to go up stairs, this makes it easy to adjust the pad accordingly as you change the angle of the kayak you are carrying.

  165. Amazon Customer

    Works perfectly! I can carry my SUP and oar and still have my hands free to carry other items. The little bag attached to the strap is perfect for holding my fins while walking.

  166. Lisa Hannon

    This strap works as advertised. very durable and makes it easy to transport the board. My paddle board is about 30 pounds. The strap worked well and stayed in place when I paddled. I used it to walk quite a distance and it did get heavy on the trip home. I would recommend only short distances unless your board is super light. I highly recommend this product.

  167. KuhlDad

    This thing is awesome. My board weighs 28 pounds and I carry it up and down a quarter-mile fire road with a steep incline. This strap is the difference between misery and a relaxing walk.

  168. Audra Cecil

    Just took my SUP Padded Carrier out of the box. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. It does fit my 12′ Invert Striker which is an unusually thick board. I love how adjustable this strap is. The clips swivel and the shoulder strap is very nicely padded.

  169. Sara Pascal

    Bought to carry kayaks a short ditance.

  170. Deborah Besnard

    I bought this hoping to use with my new Point 6 Tequila take apart kayak. Although each section only weighs 25 pounds, they are a bit awkward to carry any distance. This strap adjusts to the correct size and works perfect as a kayak carrier.

  171. tamararichey

    These are very nice but didn’t fit my extra wide board and still need a second person to hold the back end or it flops downward

  172. Carol

    Initially I was disappointed in the carrier. One side kept slipping. I realized one of the hooks was put on the webbing backwards. I took it off, flipped it around and now it works great – no more slipping! I only wish my walk to the water was shorter, or my board lighter.

  173. Marianne

    The sling arrived promptly and my son was excited to bring it on a trip to his friend’s cottage. Unfortunately, there was a minor snafu with the little bag designed to hold keys, etc. I contacted the company and heard back almost IMMEDIATELY (which is so rare in today’s world). Customer service sent out a replacement bag and they could not have been nicer. My son loves the strap because, let’s be honest, carrying a kayak is pretty damn awkward without two people. This allows him to bring it right to the water by himself and he figured out how to use it within minutes. Great product and people – and I’m really hard to impress!

  174. Luke O Henning

    The extra padding on the strap makes a huge difference and was what decided me on this brand. So glad I did.Getting the strap tight enough to use the paddle as a handle took some practice. Think will be the same for all makes.One word thing was there soapy current on the straps. When I washed my board I should have taken the straps off.For anyone who has to carry a board, even the lightest ones this is a must.

  175. Amazon Customer

    Awesome product. It was frustrating how difficult it was to carry my paddleboard since it was so large and bulky, but only weighed 50 pounds. This strap made it SOO much easier to carry it to the beach (once parked I have to walk down a stony/ twig and root covered hill probably 200 feet). Yeah, its easy with this strap. I will say that I replaced the plastic bits with metal carabiners, but not because they broke or anything, just out of personal preference. The straps are totally adjustable and really easy to use, so thats a plus. Definately a good purchase.

  176. jay Kim

    The straps are awesome and you can tell that they are very high quality. The storage bag and the paddle holders are a definite plus and they very well. Unfortunately, my SUP is way too large and heavy to be comfortably carried on my shoulders, so I had to return it, but I would 100% recommend it to anyone. Brian personally reached out to me regarding the product and offered me a full refund given my situation. He completely stands by his product and if you’re considering purchasing these straps, I would highly recommend it.

  177. Michael Smerker

    Good quality product that works. I used it for my stand up paddleboard

  178. Amazon Customer

    I have not been able to use my strap yet, with all this crazy weather, but it is exactly what I need to carry my board in an easier way. I will truly appreciate that I purchased this item.

  179. Melanie Allan

    Couldn’t be easier. I live 4 blocks from the beach and I can walk there with my paddle board effortlessly. I actually used to drive with my board. If you’ve ever walked even 1 block with a paddle board you know what I mean.

  180. Daisy14

    I was very pleased with the quality of this carrier. Will purchase again if needed for another board. Makes carrying a board less cumbersome!

  181. Tracy Ashley

    I use this with my inflatable paddle board. It’s great when the board is inflated and deflated and rolled. There is a bit of a walk from the water to my car and this is great for carrying the deflated board and it easily fits in my drybag.

  182. Doc B

    Works just as described! I have to lug my paddle board sometimes a block or two and although my board is light, having a little extra help and a free hand due to the water bottle holder and paddle holder helps a lot!

  183. Teresa Cristina Tavares da Silva

    Brian, I am very happy to have bought the SUP -Now Paddleboard Backpack, I am currently traveling and have not yet used it. Thank you for your service. See you in the water. Teresa Cristina

  184. Nancy Johnston

    Got this for my sit on kayak. It makes moving my kayak possible. The molded handles on the kayak are useless. With is strap I can get my kayak from the house to my Jeep and then to the water. The kayak is double my height and almost 1/3 of my weight.Plus this company is very hands on, ready to help in any way. Thank you for great customer service and a great product.

  185. William Rosenblatt

    Strap does make it easier to carry my SUP and paddle. The straps on the boards do move a bit when you are attaching them ans at time it is a little difficult to get proper balance.

  186. Amazon Customer

    I got the SUP straps for my kayak after Brian and his company gave me enough info to think they could work. They do, and they’re high quality. I’d like it if the shoulder strap was a bit longer, but I’m able to get my yak from point a to point b with far less hassle. So this is a yak carrying strap as well as a SUP’s.

  187. don quijote

    I use it for my kayak. It seems sturdy. Easy to use. Worth the money.

  188. Brandee

    I have two SUP paddleboards and lugging them into a remote place can sometimes be a lot. Found this carrier and what a difference. Easy to use and adjustable. Thank you for your product that has saved my back.Kind Regards,Brandee

  189. Amazon Customer

    I would give this 5 stars, but on one of the straps the swivel hook keeps popping out while carrying the sup.

  190. Michaela Yandow

    The straps are good, no complaints, but mine did not come with a carry bag. Not a deal breaker, just disappointed mine didn’t come with one.

  191. Myrab

    This strap barely fit around my paddleboard even at the longest settings. The shoulder pad is nice and it’s better than nothing, thus the 3 stars. You have to configure the straps carefully so that they don’t constantly fall off. It’s ok but not great.

  192. R. Hadley

    I use this for carrying Hobie Mirage Eclipses. Adjusts easily. Nice product.

  193. Michelle D

    We purchased this for our new paddle board to help carry it a couple blocks to the lakes we visit on occasion. The strap itself is comfortable and makes it so much easier to carry the board. Especially with 3 kids and all of the other things that need to be carried as well. Also love that it has a space to carry the oar and you can also hang it by the strap as well. Will update as time goes on as to its durability but so far so good!

  194. richeez

  195. Jody M

    I use this to carry my Bodyglove iSUP Performer 11’, and it has made the walk the half mile to the beach with an inflated board tremendously easy. It is very intuitive to attach to my board, and the design distributes the weight perfectly. The shoulder strap padding is very comfortable and durable. I am 5’7” and the strap didn’t need to be adjusted out of the box, however the adjustment capability would allow a comfortable fit for people much taller than me. I would HIGHLY recommend this for anyone needing to carry a SUP, kayak, etc. for some distance.

  196. Amazon Customer

    If you have to walk some distance to paddle!!! Money well spent for sure. I have an 11′ x 32″ monster and this made my hike to the water so much more enjoyable!! It was easy to use. I was able to fit my paddle and my son’s paddle in the paddle loops. Water bottle holder was a plus! My only complaint is that one of the pieces had a sharp edge on it which I discovered by scratching my arm with it. I filed it down and it’s fine now. Otherwise a wonderful product, I don’t know why I waited so long!!

  197. Amazon Customer

    Super helpful in transporting those awkward paddleboards. Easy to use. So glad we purchased.

  198. Bryan Rose

    I really like the fact you can attach the paddle to the strap and carry it with the paddle board. I haven’t had a chance to really mess with it so I’m not sure if you can secure the strap to the board without having a bunch of slack in it when not carrying it. Other than that the strap makes carrying the board easy.

  199. Samer

    Excellent product. Great for carrying boards without a handle and drying wet laundry just as the good lord intended

  200. SiouxC01

    Love the padded shoulder pad and the ease of carrying my board and paddle. Great material & quality.Only thing I would recommend is labeling the straps initially to help figure out the instructions for first time use.

  201. Brad

    This product is good for an average-sized paddleboard. It fit an Atoll 11 footer fine. But it’s not nearly long enough to fit “all paddleboards” as it states in the copy. It got nowhere close to fitting a Sea Eagle FS126 —a board where it sure would be helpful to have a carrier.

  202. SurfAddict

    Compact, lightweight and I like the paddle holder. Makes it easy to carry my 12′ 6″.

  203. Michael L

    I bought this strap back in 2015 and used it regularly. I am 6’3″ and was worried it may be too small for me, but it fits perfectly and comfortably. Unfortunately, I bought the product before they upgraded the buckles, so eventually one of the old buckles broke. However, they immediately expressed mailed me a set of the new upgraded buckles with no hassles whatsoever and at absolutely no cost to me.

  204. Pat in TN

    Tried it on board but not actually had a chance to use it to carry board from car to beach. It fits, easy to put on. Holds paddle, too! Looks like it is well made. Satisfied buyer.

  205. John McCarthy

    Good strap, well made. It’s got the right features and nothing unnecessary (in my opinion). It allows for a variety of board widths. I can easily walk the 2 blocks to the beach, then I fold up the strap and put it in the cargo net on the board. Now, the strap was a little short for me to start. SUP-Now worked with me first to adjust it and then to come up with a solution which included sending me a new strap. I don’t expect perfect products, but I really appreciate it when a company takes time to get feedback and make things right. They even offered a refund as an option, which of course I didn’t need because they’d taken good care of me.

  206. Anne M.

    The shoulder pad is very soft and cushioned.That’s the only good thing I can say.The length of the straps makes it difficult to use for larger boards (I have an 11’6″, 34″).The clasps broke the third time I used this. The springs popped out at some point while carrying it and now the hooks don’t close so it’s rendered entirely useless.I’ll fix it with a clasp of my own but I would have rather returned this… For the money difference I’d just buy a brand one and not worry about durability issues.

  207. Noel Cacnio

    We have 3 boogie boards that are quite a chore to lug around especially woth high winds. These make it much easier for one person to carry it to leave other people to carry other things.

  208. shellie d. Johnson

    Is easy to use and evenly distibutes the weight of my SUP for easier carrying.I wish it could fold up into the the cup holder and attach the board for storage while paddling.

  209. Russell torres

    Exactly what I needed for my wife to carry her SUP!

  210. Roxie

    I really like this product. It works great on my board. Love the carry handle for my paddle too. The thing that makes it a winner for me is the fact that there are 2 release buckles and 2 other releases. It makes it easy to put on and take off. My fingers kill me when I carry the board without the strap, and I no longer have this pain. Great idea. Thanks.

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