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Venture Inflatable Backpack

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Fits Almost All Boards – At 38″x18″x15″ this bag was built to perfectly fit almost all boards.
High Density Wheels – Make moving your paddle board a breeze.
Multiple Ways to Carry Board – Carrying your board has never been easier. This backpack gives you the option to wear like a backpack, roll, or carry the bag using the padded side handle.
Side and Front Pocket Storage – Prefer to keep your paddle in a side pocket instead of the main compartment? No big deal. Have extras stuff like sunblock and keys? Easily keep all of that in the front storage pocket.

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So, you have a great board and a stock bag to carry it in? Well, it is time to upgrade to the SUP-Now Venture Travel Backpack. We left no stone unturned with this one. From the high-density wheels to the extra padded handles and backpack straps, you won’t find a better SUP backpack out there.

This backpack has tons of storage to fit almost any inflatable board, pump, 2- or 3-piece paddle, fins, repair kits and more. 

The inside of the bag has two straps to strap the board nice and tight, preventing it from moving around during travel. The bag also features two synch straps to make the bag smaller, if you are not using it to its max storage capacity. 

Like everything we make, this bag is built to last, and we back that up with a lifetime warranty.

Additional information


15” x 12” x 4”




Up to 10 cans

What is Included?

1 Cooler
1 Waterproof Cell Phone Case
1 Rope with custom tension system
4 clips (for attaching to your board's D Rings)
4 suction cups (only for smooth fiberglass boards


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38 reviews for Venture Inflatable Backpack

  1. sugarh2o13

    Great Large Bag that fits my Body Glove Tandem 15' Inflatable 2 Person Paddleboard!

    I love love love this bag! We have the Body Glove Tandem 15′ Inflatable 2 Person Paddleboard from Costco and love it for our family of 4. The only problem was that it was really heavy and hard to bring to the beach. We ordered this bag so my 2 young boys and I (a 5’2″ woman) could take it easily when my hubby could’t go with us. He is happy to have a wheeling bag as well. The backpack straps are very comfortable too and can be tucked in to prevent dragging. The bag has 2 attached straps to wrap and clip around the board inside the bag, which is a great addition. We haven’t had a chance to go to the beach yet, but were able to put everything we needed in it and have wheeled it around our home easily. I love it! It was hard to find a bag large enough for the tandem board. I ended putting the 2 kayak paddles (the boys like those) and life jackets in the bag, as there was plenty of room. This bag is made of high quality materials and comes with a great warranty. I would purchase it again and highly recommend it! Thank you for making a great product!

    Venture Inflatable Backpack
    Venture Inflatable Backpack
    Venture Inflatable Backpack
    Venture Inflatable Backpack
    Venture Inflatable Backpack
    Venture Inflatable Backpack
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  2. Lourna B

    High Quality Product

    I purchased two of these bags for my inflatable paddle boards to be able to take them anywhere. The bags are very spacious and well manufactured with quality materials. I have added a couple pictures so you can get a feel for the size and convenience of this bag. I have comfortably fit two inflatable boards, 2 paddles, a beach chair w/ umbrella, my electric pump and all the accessories needed. The wheels make is easy to transport and it even did great in the sand.

    Venture Inflatable Backpack
    Venture Inflatable Backpack
    Venture Inflatable Backpack
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  3. Sara

    Best Travel Bag

    This bag was awesome. LARGE iSUP bag that can fit any board. 2 iSUP 10’x30″x6″ board fit side by side in the bag along with 2 paddles (2 piece) and 1 PVD in the side pouch. The roller bag made it really easy to maneuver at the airport. I check the bag as regular luggage (allowed by many airlines). It was only 53 lbs total so I could have put paddles or PFD in another bag to get <50 lbs. No damage to bag or wheels after 2 flights which is more than I can say for some cheap luggage. The storage is so compact that we may continue to use this large bag over 2 small for camping and other road trips. Highly recommend!

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  4. WhiteKnight

    Love the bag!

    My SUP is 14’ and really heavy. The original bag was well made but the straps tore at the seam from the weight after a month. This bag has great reinforcement and I feel like it will last for much longer.

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  5. TopoGigioPR

    Great for traveling

    Great product! Very well designed and excellent quality. I traveled to Puerto Rico and took my iSup, accessories and clothes in this bag for a great weekend water adventure. It met airlines requirements and was easy to move around.

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  6. Tracou

    Won't stand up.

    This is the second one I purchased. Bought the black one and I liked it so much that I bought a blue one for my daughters SUP. For some reason this bag will not stay standing! The other one is just fine. No idea what the issue is as both SUPs are identical so I know it has absolutely nothing to do with that. The seller asked that I swap out SUPs to see if that makes a difference. Um, they’re literally the same, which is what I had said, so why would it make a difference?? I didn’t have the time to play this game since I had already put mine in storage for the season (bought these this past summer just now getting around to reviews).

    Overall, the quality seems to be good. They have a lot of pockets to hold all your accessories and board pieces. I hope they last a while since they were literally half the cost of my SUP! Just annoying that for over $100 the thing would stand how it’s supposed to!

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  7. Glenise B

    Excellent SUP backpack for travel

    This sup backpack is of excellent quality, spacious with several pockets. My paddleboard, paddle and gear fit perfectly and there is plenty of additional space for clothing.
    I chose this backpack because the straps can be put away for airline travel. The zip ends can also be locked together for security purposes which wasn’t stated in the product description. Overall I’m very happy with my purchase and highly recommend it.

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  8. Matthew F

    EPIC for travel

    This travel bag made my flight so much easier….the wheels and the backpack for versatility!! 10/10

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  9. d

    Soooo-----NOT used for a paddleboard-absolutely BEST gear bag for camping!!

    HEY SUP NOW–you’re missing a huge market here-we tried everything—–had a big square gear bag for atop the car and it was too heavy to lug/load. Then we looked for gear bags that split the load in two–came up w expensive ironman bags–but those although very well made–don’t open quite right and loading gear is very challenging as the zipper splits the length of the bag in half so your gear keeps falling out as you’re trying to load–vs closer to the top so your gear stays tucked til you zip it up. I saw a friend loading his SUP bags onto his car cargo rack and POW! there’s the size we need–!!!!!!! shopped Amazon and found your bags–and they are PERFECT! I can fit two bags/pads, tents and accessories in one, tarp/blankets in the front pocket–so i can section multiple bags relative to participants and such–and can now backpack these into the campsite OR roll them!! w shoulder/weight lifting limitations–that’s a huge HUGE PLUS!! Thanks for the solution to a long and challenging dilemma–they are SO well made–

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  10. G.O.

    Great bag for SUP!

    Needed a better bag than what comes with the SUP board. This bag is nice and spacious, fits all my paddleboard needs! It fit my Cooyes paddleboard with all its accessories (electric pump, hand pump, life jacket and paddles). Nice, sturdy bag! Highly recommend!

    Venture Inflatable Backpack
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  11. Saz P S

    great bag and amazing customer service

    strong bag with sturdy straps, wheels and double zips. personal follow up made proactively to ensure delivery, satisfaction and to confirm a tree planted for the purchase! great company representation by Brian! thank you!

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  12. Joe M


    I had to replace the cheap bag that came with my SUP. This bag is amazing, very well built and HUGE. Lots of storage with straps, pockets, and seems well balanced. The wheels are very rugged and makes it easier to transport.

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  13. Jumping J

    Great carry system

    well put together. Room for everything, I use it for a double inflatable kayak. Good shoulder straps in cludes chest strap and waist strap. Highly recommend it.

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  14. Paige

    Bag is worth the money!

    Bought bag as a replacement for the cheap ones that came with my board. Bag is awesome and will hold up well over time!

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  15. Bubba L

    Great Bag

    Lifetime warranty on the strap and i Sup bag with wheels! Total game more lugging an akward bag around! Big fan

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  16. Doubleman R


    Very impressed with this product! Very well made, fabric seems durable. Was able to fit in my inflatable paddle board and all accessories and still have room to spare. It has wheels, a couple of different handles to carry/roll the bad and a back pouch to tuck away straps when you are not using them. Glad to support this small business.

    Venture Inflatable Backpack
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  17. Amazon C

    Outstanding iSup product

    Outstanding isup backpack, even better than expected, highly recommend for all your isup, electric pump, 3 piece paddle, fin, repair kit. Even room for manual pump and extra towel.
    Great Company, registration before arrived.
    A nice message from CEO owner.! Thanks

    Venture Inflatable Backpack
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  18. Country/city L

    Game changer for dragging my board around !!

    Its GREAT !!! I was dragging my SUP with the the SUP motor on my back down apt building stairwells and it was scrapping really bad and I was upset and exhausted as the water is out front of my place. Getting this bag and the Whale SUP blowup and deflate machine that works on batteries made me happy again :)) I LOVE this whole set up now and it makes it easy for me to haul it all to the water and back . Worth it !!

    Venture Inflatable Backpack
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  19. Amazon C

    Everything fits!

    The bag arrived quickly and we were able to check the SUP bag on our Southwest flight to FL without any issues. The wheels and straps on the bag made it super easy to transport plus the board, fins, pumps, etc. all fit seamlessly with extra room. Great bag!!

    Venture Inflatable Backpack
    Venture Inflatable Backpack
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  20. Tracey

    Very well made product.

    Awesome product.

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  21. Amazon C


    worth every penny!!!

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  22. Terri A

    So Far Happy Customer

    So far I have liked everything about this SUP paddle board backpack, it fits everything and still has room. It has wheels so it will be easy to get through airports. I can’t wait to use it and see how it does in my travels

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  23. Linda D

    Great bag!

    Love this bag. It provides a ton of space and was great at the airport while traveling with it!

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  24. Kevin I

    Superior replacement bag

    Bought this bag to replace the 7 year old Starboard bag for my wife’s 35″ wide board, that had torn straps, a missing wheel, and zippers that had pulled away from the fabric. The new bag is superior in every way: Thicker fabric, sturdier wheels, comfortable and robust backpack straps with a waist belt, plenty of accessory pockets, and even straps to secure the rolled up board in the bag. I only wish they made a bag to fit my 40″ wide board, I’d buy it with no hesitation.

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  25. ATOM

    Works Great!

    This bag fits my Tower Paddle board just great with plenty of room for a few additional items. Really like it. It is a big bit, but, it fits!

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  26. Ekaterina S

    Simply the best

    This is truly a wonderful bag. It looks good, it is of a high quality and my 12ft inflatable paddle board fits perfectly in it. Looks neat and easy to transport. The wheels really make a lot of difference. I just wish the front or side pocket was a bit longer for my paddle, but you cannot have everything 🙂 Highly recommended!

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  27. Brian

    Great bag

    Great bag, I use it for my Sea Eagle 393RL kayak. Takes a little practice folding into it but fits fine. Like the three options for carrying and the extra pockets. Front pocket holds pump and other accessories and side is perfect for paddles. Only thing I don’t like is the bag is sealed up pretty tight inside so water doesn’t evaporate.

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  28. Crb

    Very nice bag

    The bag is awesome. Very durable, probably bullet proof. only drawback
    Might be because it is made of heavy durable material the bag itself is a bit heavy. Big enough to fit your inflatable SUP ( we have tower boards, fit easily ) pumps paddles etc. if you want to pack for airline travel, this is perfect. If you are packing the bag to somewhere where you can roll it -perfect. The shoulder straps are really nice, it rides well on the back and waist, but the bag does add a few pounds but I think the nice straps make up for it.

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  29. Noreen

    Versatile bag

    bought this for my Tower adventure 2 iSUP which is 10’4″. Rolled this thing around Hawaii for a week visiting different beaches and it worked great. Made it through checked baggage with only minor scuffs. The backpack straps are great for when you have to descend to the beach through rocky areas. Fits my Board, 3 piece paddle, and manual pump with ease. Only gripe (and its minor) is the way to roll the bag is by holding the strap at the top and because the bag is not super rigid it can get a little tiring when rolling through airports.
    bottom line is highly recommend this to any iSUP owner for local use or when traveling

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  30. Zman C

    Great bag

    So far so good loaded it with almost 70lbs of gear and flew to Costa Rica. Worked great wheel did fine through airport and no problem checking it. It was not over sized for United Airlines.

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  31. Audrey

    Great bag

    Large enough to fit my 11’ paddle board pump and paddle.

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  32. C S

    Excellent bag

    Large bag with lots of features to accommodate many needs. Fits my SUP perfectly and I have room for pumps, paddles, etc. Good thick, sturdy material. Many handle options.

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  33. Daniel S

    Worked well for trip to Hawaii

    We like to take our SUP to Hawaii and our last travel bag was totally inadequate (bad zippers and small wheels). This bag was a champ and we had no problems dragging it around airports to rental car pickups and drop offs. The bag was just the right size for all the paddle board gear including my AC to DC adapter. I did put my electric DC pump in my regular luggage to keep the weight down a little and because the pump is kind of an awkward size and shape. Only bummer is that these are only available for a couple of months in the spring so I am looking for an alternative but this was a great value.

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  34. Terry L

    Great SUP travel bag

    Plenty of storage for SUP and accessories. Sturdy construction. Able to check as normal bag on flight. Well designed.

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  35. Amazon C

    Five Stars

    Great product, quality, arrived very fast and the service from the supplier was outstanding. Congratulations and many thanks!!! I already used it and it’s excellent, so easy and convenient to carry the SUP. Amazing

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  36. Sue

    Well constructed perfect SUP travel bag!

    I’ve been looking for a travel bag for my SUP for several years now but the prices on bags I thought were all way to high, over $100. This bag is really perfect and the price even better! It is well constructed and even has sturdy wheels which is so nice for the airport! I highly recommend this bag!

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  37. Amazon C

    Great backpack, the wheels make all the difference for ...

    Great backpack, the wheels make all the difference for airport traveling. Well made and roomy, prompt delivery. Plenty of exterior storage also.

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  38. Mikey

    ... what I would do without this bag- it is AWESOME! I have already used it a handful of ...

    I honestly don’t know what I would do without this bag- it is AWESOME! I have already used it a handful of times and it is a lifesaver hauling the bag to and from the beach. Definitely cuts down on the amount of sand the board leaves in my trunk!

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