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Waterproof Deck Bag

(18 customer reviews)


Fully Waterproof –  The inside of this paddleboard deck bag is waterproof to provide protection for all of your essentials.
Floats – No need to worry about dropping this SUP deck bag in the water, as it floats.
Clip and Rope System – Includes 4 clips, rope and rope tightening system for attaching do your board’s D Rings.
Free Waterproof Phone Case – Keep your essentials like your keys and phone safe while on your paddleboard.
Lifetime Warranty – If you make a good quality product, you should back it up. This is why SUP-Now offers a lifetime guarantee on everything we make. We support you for the life of your product from our headquarters in Granbury, Texas.

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Don’t settle for an ordinary dry bag that wasn’t design specifically for paddleboarding. Our SUP-Now Paddleboard Hangar Deck Bag makes it easy to carry and reach necessities such as your phone, keys, water bottles, sunscreen, snacks, sandals, jackets, towels and more. 

The Hangar features a waterproof zipper and is made of lightweight waterproof AquaStop material. The deck bag also comes with a free waterproof pouch which allows you take epic shots while keeping your phone safe. Sometimes you need to take your keys or your phone with you on the board. Well, this is no longer a problem. You are even able to use your phone while it is in the waterproof insert, which is great for taking pictures while out on the water. We designed this waterproof deck bag to be as light and as possible as it weighs less than 2lbs. 

While this can be attached to your board for your walk to the water, it also comes with a neoprene padded should strap. The patented should strap clips are guaranteed not to break and like the rest of the product, come with a lifetime warranty.  

Our waterproof phone insert is QCA Certified. QCA’s sole purpose is to certify the supplier processes involved in product quality, product safety, supply chain security, social accountability, and environmental stewardship.

Like everything we make, the Hangar is built to last, and we back that up with a lifetime warranty.

Additional information


15” x 12” x 4”




Up to 10 cans

What is Included?

1 Cooler
1 Waterproof Cell Phone Case
1 Rope with custom tension system
4 clips (for attaching to your board's D Rings)
4 suction cups (only for smooth fiberglass boards

18 reviews for Waterproof Deck Bag

  1. Mike Buford

    The system to attach the bag to the board ripped out before i even shoved off onto the water.The bottom attach points are sewed into the mesh water bottle holders, which is an absolutely flawed design. These should have been the most secure points of the bag. This is a design flaw, not a fluke manufacturing issue.This bag could have been a good purchase, but whats the point of it if you cant even secure it in the first place? The topside of the bag has thick webbing, but oddly the bottom, where it would be most needed, is absent of it, save the tiny loops for the paracord, which will rip out under minimal strain.

  2. A. Reader

    Doesn’t take up a ton of room. Keeps contents dry. Easy to get in and out of even when tied down. Solidly built and holding up well. What more do you need?!

  3. John Rodriguez

    Nice bag with lots of room for all of my gear. Can’t wait to take it kayaking.

  4. Dr. Paul

    If the devil is in the details this SUP-Now Stand Up Paddle Board Deck Bag is made with a range of details that make it an outstanding, well thought out bag, and should be perfect for our Kayaking and SUPing trips. We haven’t been out on the water yet this year, but cannot wait to get back out and without doubt, this SUP-Now Stand Up Paddle Board Deck Bag will be going along for the ride! When I had the chance to grab this SUP-Now Stand Up Paddle Board Deck Bag I decided to so we had a nice bag to carry those things we might need on the water and have a place to keep our phone, wallets, and keys safe. I am so glad I did – and my wife is thrilled. This bag was designed by someone who has time on the water and it shows.The materials are top notch and the construction equally great. You can tell by looking at the bag the materials are good. But get your hands on it and you feel it. The thickness, the strength, the stitching – it all comes together and promises longevity. We always pay attention to zippers and in this case, not only is the handle-zipper strong and secure, but it settles in perfectly so as to keep water out. There are the details here – straps on the back top at each side so you can grab and hold on as you “try” to open and close the zipper. It literally warns you it is a hard pull and it is! That simply means water is going to be working hard to get in there. And the straps do help pull it across – though you’re still going to be grabbing the bag at some point to help. It is that tight! No problem if it means protecting your gear. They even included zipper lube so you can keep those zippers in top condition – something to keep in mind when you’re on fresh or salt water! Really impressive they thought of these things!The strap for carrying it is also well done, with good materials, good stitching, and a comfortable padding on the shoulder. The straps for attaching to the SUP or Kayak are strong and well secured – they should last a good long time. Additionally, the rope on the top front allows you to secure things like towels, tighten it down, and keep them secure. An included wet bag for your phone gives added protection for that special need-to-have equipment.Overall, this is a great, well designed bag that I think anyone who spends time on the water will appreciate. Well thought out, well constructed, and well executed, you are going to find any number of reasons to have it with – on the SUP or kayak, at the pool, beach, or wherever you spend time. We have not tested the waterproof aspect – again, haven’t been to the water yet, but while we appreciate the promise, we always still try to keep things dry. We would likely use other smaller dry bags inside – just to be safe – but appreciate the effort here. In the end, we are thrilled to have this SUP-Now Stand Up Paddle Board Deck Bag.

  5. Blaize

    Reviewing SUP-Now Stand Up Paddle Board Deck Bag Waterproof Accessory for Paddle Boarding. Ordered to use paddle boarding and it works perfectly! Can be used like a cooler (used cold packs instead of ice) or a regular bag. Keeps everything dry, or cold if using like a cooler. I love all the pockets on the outside, make it easy to access smaller items or drinks. Its size is perfect for fitting on the board, yet holds quite a lot. Easy to carry and not too heavy. Looks and feels extremely high quality. Typically I wouldn’t pay $100 for a bag, but I would say this one is worth every penny especially if you paddle board frequently. A few other reviewers noted issues with clips, but all of the clips, zippers, etc work great on mine. I’ve had no issues whatsoever and absolutely love this bag. Would definitely recommend and may purchase another for my husbands board! Thanks for reading, hope this helps!

  6. Kevin C.

    I absolutely love this bag. It’s a big bag with lots of storage. The big main zipper is awesome and feels good. It’s waterproof so I don’t need my dry bay. It will fit a towel some drinks, and my stuff. And the zipper lube it comes with is really nice. Pretty stoked on this bag. And it has clips to clip onto by board’s straps. Good material, too. Very stoked on this.

  7. DogLvr

    Our Stand Up Paddleboard came with a 5L drybag for storage. We quickly found out that 5 liters is not enough storage for even a short adventure. This bag is a great upgrade for many reasons. It is about 4 times the size of the small bag that came with our paddleboard. The large compartment doesn’t list how many liters it holds, but measures 18″x14″x8.5″ and is shaped like a half pipe. Since it is flat on one side it doesn’t roll around and makes it easy to secure to the board. It has built in fasteners to secure it to your boards cargo system. It also has additional pockets and loops for added organization. Combine that with a lifetime warranty and it makes this bag an easy decision.

  8. Jerry

    Overall the bag seems nice, well built, good size pockets. But, I thought I was buying a cooler, so now I am a bit disappointed. Not sure how I missed that this is a BAG not a cooler, but there you go. I have not used it on my paddle board yet, I’ll report again on how it works on the water once I get to use it.

  9. Jordan Howard

    Love it!

  10. scuba steve

    This bag is great! It is truly waterproof with a good waterproof zipper. It comes with a plastic insert to hold it’s shape which makes inserting and removing items much easier. It seems very well made and pretty durable, but still thin and lightweight. This bag is much, much lighter than other waterproof bags I have which are all made of very thick material.Not only great for SUP but just about anytime you need a waterproof bag. The included shoulder strap expands it’s usability. It would have been great if it also came with backpack straps you could attach so you could carry it that way, but it doesn’t, and it’s not intended for that.

  11. Roseville MTB Dad

    This is a large capacity, well-made deck bag for SUPs. Lines provided to lash it to deck D-rings, vs. having to stick it under the shock cord retention on deck. So this goes over that, typically, but it has additional shock cord retention on top so in a sense it replaces what it covers (albeit a bit smaller footprint). Good exterior pockets, thoughtful design. Limited use in the field thus far so durability isn’t able to be assessed, but material feels durable and it’s definitely watertight. Just a rad piece of gear for your SUP adventures.I deduct 1 star for one reason only – in order to register the product for warranty support, there is only one option to do it that I could see – FACEBOOK. This may come as a shock to people, but not everyone is on Facebook. In fact some people think social media in general, and Facebook in particular, are a cancer on civilization destroying minds and lives. I shouldn’t have to be in thrall to Mark Zuckerberg to register a product for warranty support! Come on…

  12. edgar cardona


  13. Mel P

    Bigger than I thought (which is good). Holds a lot. The adjustable tensioning system is a nice feature.

  14. cloudpunch

    This bag is very well designed and constructed. It has a ton of space and is actually waterproof. The included shoulder strap really adds to the functionally and makes it even more versatile for use on land. I I didn’t get the plastic insert another reviewer mentions, but I don’t think I’m missing out too much on that – this bag holds it’s shape quite well on it’s own but is still quite pliable. As others have mentioned, I have also added carabiners in place of the original included clips as I feel they’re both more sturdy and easier to unclip. I highly recommend this bag.

  15. Living it Up!

    This is our first SUP dry bag and we really like it.It holds a TON of gear.We had our towels, sunscreen, phones, water bottles and collapsible fishing rod and lures in the bag.We were able to balance everything so that it didn’t interfere with the SUP usageI don’t know if it would keep gear dry if submerged or if board fully flipped over (where it would sink so kind of irrelevant)but everything did stay dry in spite of exterior of bag being wet by end of day.The bag is priced at $100, which I think is high for what you get. If I had seen this in a store I would have felt like $70 would be top price I would pay.i say that having never seen any other comparable bag in a store.

  16. Matt & Tracey

    As soon as I saw this dry bag I was really impressed with the quality and build of it. They have made it in a way where it lays flat on the front or the back of your SUP. They have several ways for you to attach this bag to your board or kayak, along with many additional molle points. It has two pouches on the left and right of the bag that can be tightened down to accommodate any size drink container. The drink containers are not included. The bungees on the front of the bag are of very good quality, and the mesh zipper pouch on the top is a nice extra for suntan lotion or lens wipes. This dry bag is fully waterproof and comes with padded shoulder straps for when you are carrying it. I love the fact that this bag floats incase you did not attach it correctly, plus the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty. They do include a phone pouch and tube of grease for greasing the zipper, you will want to use the grease to make it much easier to open. I have about 6 SUP’s with many different coolers and dry bags, and this one is by far the best! This bag is totally awesome and is now the nicest dry bag that I own!

  17. C.Garry

    Love this waterproof deck bag accessory! I don’t know how I used to paddleboard without it. The 4 clips easily attached to the D Rings on my paddle board and I was able to tighten it to the perfect length. No more leaving any stuff on the beach.

  18. Tru

    First and foremost. This is a lot bigger than I expected. I mean wow. When it comes to my overnight paddle trips this bag changed the game. Easy access zipper pockets. Where I can keep my phone life-straw, snacks batteries for my camera i mean it has room.The main compartment I can put my gear in, food, drinks, hats, phone, down jacket and so much more. I use this for stuff I need quick access to on the water then I also use my 30 or 40L bags for my overnight stuff.But this deck bag right here is amazing.I was going back And forth of getting this bag or the red paddle deck bag. Trip smith really hyped up the red paddle however I went with this bag and I’m beyond happy I did. I hope this bag will last the long run and can’t wait for the future paddle trips to really test this and see what it’s limits really is.

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