• INCLUDES BUNGEE AND 4 PADS: The SUP-Now Bungee Kit comes with everything you need to start storing items on your board.
  • DOUBLE BARREL CORD LOCK: Allows you to make the bungee as loose or as tight as you would like. Wether you have a large cooler or just a paddle under the bungee, you can easily lock the cord in place to hold down any size item.
  • 3M ADHESIVE: No need to use any messy glues. Just peel the paper backing off and stick to your board.
  • 4 EVA PADS: The 4 pads are made from EVA material, which is the same material used on good quality paddleboard traction pads. Each pad features a loop made from rope.

Sometimes you need to take larger items such as big fishing cooler and other times you may only want to take something small like a life jacket. Thanks to the double barrel cord lock, this is no issue. You are able to tighten down the bungee in a matter of seconds.

Using commercial grade 3M adhesive, there is no need to use any messy glues.