• Free Waterproof Pouch Included: Keep your essentials like your keys and phone safe.
  • Carry Handle: Makes the pouch easy to carry when not connected to your board.
  • No Need for Messy Adhesives: We utilize 4 industrial suction cups with easy release clips built in.
  • Two Additional Storage Compartments: The outside storage compartment is great for things like your phone and keys. The inside storage compartment is great for items that want to keep cool, but not directly in the ice, such as protein bars, bananas, etc…


With the genuine SUP-Now Paddleboard Cooler DELUXE Edition with Waterproof Insert, you can easily take keep food and beverages ice cold and also cary necessities such as you phone, keys, water bottles, sunscreen, snacks, sandals and more on your paddleboard.

This Deluxe Cooler version comes with a FREE Waterproof Insert! Sometimes you need to take your keys or your phone with you on the board. Well, this is no longer a problem. You are even able to use your phone while it is in the waterproof insert, which is great for taking picutres while out on the water.

Using commercial grade suction cups, with easy release hooks built in, there is no need to use any messy glue or make any changes to your board.

We designed this Deluxe Cooler to be as light and aerodynamic as possible. The Cooler only weighs 9 ounces. And the best part is its low profile design. The SUP-Now Pouch only sits about 3 inches above your board. The Pouch will only increase in height to as tall as you fill it.

Easily fill the pouch to hold up to 6 cans and still have plenty of room for protein bars, your phone and much more.