SUP-Now is an innovator in the Paddleboard industry. The idea behind SUP-Now is very simple. It is to offer quality SUP accessories at affordable prices. When we want accessories for our own paddleboards and we are not satisfied with what is out there, we work extensively to make exactly what we want. We won’t put our logo on anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves and we take great pride in our brand and its image.

We are able to offer quality at affordable prices by using a variety of techniques such as our relationship with Amazon and our manufacturers. We also are able to keep costs down by relying mostly on word of mouth marketing. Although we do some advertising, it is very limited. We would rather offer the best possible product at the best possible price so our customers tell their friends about us.

As of right now, our products are offered exclusively online and at local surf shops.

How Did Sup-Now Get Started?

Just a man, a dog, and the ocean

CEO and paddleboard enthusiast Brian Doherty was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles California and whether it was skating his half-pipe that he built, wakeboarding with the California State Northridge Wakeboard team and then heading to go snowboard after early wakeboard practices or surfing under the blue skies in Malibu, you could always find that kid on board.

During his time at Cal State Northridge, Doherty worked as a Sales and Marketing associate for Mountain High Ski and Snowboard Resort where he would frequent snowboard shops and conventions. It was then that Doherty knew that it was possible to have a job that you truly do love.

Doherty graduated California State Northridge in May of 2011 with a degree in Business Marketing and started his full time Social Media Marketing job for a Marketing Agency  the following Monday. Within 2 years, Doherty quickly moved up the ranks from Coordinator to Associate dealing with smaller accounts to the Account Manager of the Agency’s largest client.

While working for the Marketing Agency, Doherty enjoyed the relaxed work environment which allowed him to take his Pitbull (Stella) to work with him and take off at noon on Fridays as long as he was ahead with his work. This is when his love for Paddleboarding started. Doherty would leave work on Fridays and stop by his house to pick up his paddleboard and spend the rest of the day at the beach. Soon it became an obsession and he was going Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

SUP-Now was started by Doherty after he had no luck purchasing the paddleboard accessories that he wanted. In his mind, items were overpriced and/or were not exactly what he wanted and when he walked into his local surf shop and they didn’t have what he was looking for the idea clicked. Doherty had always wanted to start his own business and give people the freedom that he had when he worked for the Marketing Agency. Doherty also wanted to do something that he really loved and had passion for. With the help of business degree, marketing background and love for paddleboarding SUP-Now was born.